Bailey & French Corporate Homepage

Bailey & French is a high-level management firm that assists in every phase of the organizational coordination process. As their home page explains, they specialize in building high performing teams of talented individuals. They value teamwork and communal spirit to the point that it’s the operating value of their entire organization. The design of their site is predicated on reflecting this communal and organizational interest in every way possible.

This home page, for example, features a textual animation that emphasizes the word “We.” You can see the phrase, “We build high performing teams…” on this page, but what you can't see is how this phrase oscillates with several other “We”-oriented phrases. Every phrase starts with the word “we,” drawing attention to the idea of collectivity and articulating the various values of the company. This interesting animation gives the site more motion, and the entire page more potency toward the brand initiatives of Bailey & French. Compounding this information is the choice of image, which features a team of people working together in an office space. This focus on communal spirit echoes throughout the rest of the site, and the home page serves as an excellent introduction to the value and design motif.

Bailey & French Corporate About Page

The “About” page very directly iterates specific values Bailey & French hold dear while also using a very interesting and visual icon to do so. The circle and triangle logo they've constructed to the left of the page contains the core ideas that Bailey & French attempt to represent. This helps to better indicate their brand while also maintaining the user’s attention and interest. By creating this uncanny and dynamic visual, Bailey & French have brought a little more interest to this otherwise plain body of text. Now that’s an example of how simple graphic elements like shape and color can be used to breathe new life into a page.

Additionally, the background image continues to reinforce the communal motif by depicting yet another team working together. Combining the brand relevance of the image with the sleek evocations of the graphic creates a two-fold interface that is equal parts literal and visceral.

Bailey & French Corporate Website Design

The other section of Bailey & French’s “About” page focuses on the people who make up their team. The page is structured as a series of large black and white photographs which emphasize the individuality of each team member. This provides yet another evocation of teamwork and collaboration while also showcasing the talent and intelligence behind the services offered by Bailey & French.

Bailey & French have constructed a site that demonstrates to potential clients exactly what the company stands for and exactly how they do what they do. By creating comprehensive workplace communities, Bailey & French revolutionizes company workflow and productivity. The site has been designed to demonstrate that B&F are themselves an example of their own method’s success.

Bailey & French is a best website design in the Professional Services industries.