Brussels Museum Great Homepage

The Brussels Museum site features a comprehensive evaluation, endorsement, and informative experience around every museum in the city. This site is a one stop shop for all things Brussels museum and it needs a design that reflects that. This interface is bright, varied, and cluttered, evoking the sort of busy and collective nature of museum cireation.

The home page overloads you with both content and form, providing equal eye candy across the content of the featured museum and the style of the design. It’s frantic, complete, and Lo-fi, all of which are mutual qualities of a an authentic museum experience. This designer has mastered the experience of a apace and transposed it here through graphic evocations.

Brussels Museum Great Events Page

The site’s events page features yet another cluttered UI. The graphics of the site crowd the borders of the content, again creating a sense of hallowed clutter. The calendar, text, images, logo burns, and menu sliders all run the body of the page, again creating that sense of academic mess.

The site feels too comprehemsive and involved to be clean. If this site were streamlined into a sleek and modern design, the content wouldn't feel historic and precious, or would feel hollow and superficial. By overloading the frame, this designer has created that perfect claustrophoby that properly contextualizes the space.

Brussels Museum Great Website Design

This blog page continues to expand this sense of fullness. This time both with UI and content. The constant stream of newer and newer blog posts will keep the museum experience active and ever changing.

Additionally, the graphics of the page continue to crowd the content and support their evocation. By creating an ever updating blog with the same academic claustrophobia, this designer has created a complete experience both in terms of content and sensory engagement. This designer is a master of clutter, and he executes this vision perfectly here.

Brussels Museum is a best website design in the Arts & Recreation industry.