Residente Creative Homepage

Spanish philosopher, Jose Ortega Y Gasset one said “tell me to what you pay attention and I will tell you who you are.” Ortega Y Gasset's quote sums up Puerto Rican musician, Residente, and his astounding website. The masterful UI structure pays close attention to detail, allowing his adoring fans or first time visitors, an opportunity to reach inside of his music and understand the man behind the music.

The intro page design reflects a compass that is aesthetically pleasing against the light-gray background. There is minimal content on the page with a quote in that Residente reads, allowing viewers to follow along. His voice is powerful, mystique and sultry, forcing users to want to explore the site.

Residente Creative Website Design

The UX interface shifts from a basic sitemap interface to a radical user experience. The homepage is a revolutionary design that mixes bold imagery with user interaction. Everything about the website design is intentional.

By way of a user’s IP address, the latitude and longitude on the bottom left of the screen shows their location. This feature offers a visual perspective of Residente’s opening quote, “we are all residents in the spaces that confines us…”

The UX interface is profound, allowing users to feel as though they're interacting with the musician. By clicking on the middle icon, visitors can add their name, and a quote that other visitors of the site can see. The page uses the longitude and latitude feature to determine their state or country.

The black menu bar is simple, direct, and non-invasive. It matches the light-gray background, keeping with the simplicity of the website.

Residente Elegant About Page

Residente’s about page is sleek and elegant. It's classic white typography and jet black background plays on a minimalist perspective. It speaks to the mysteriousness and introspect of the artist. For example, positioning Residente in the middle of a theater draws attention to him, urging the viewer to truly discover the man in the theater.

The page's high-quality resolution photography and pixel graphing offers perfect aesthetic symmetry, drawing a viewer’s eyes right to the bottom of the screen, encouraging them to click on the “who is Residente” button.

Residente may be a musical prodigy, but now he can add website visionary to his list of talents. His website is a testament to smashing together creativity and unity to illustrate an internal concept. It’s brilliant and smart.

Residente is a creative website design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.