Web Atvantage: 5 Days in London Beautiful Landing Page

5 Days in London introduces users to their website with bold red, soft white, and the landscape of London. The design was created using the platform, Web Atvantage, and it acts as a digital photo journal.

Upon landing on the home page, users are greeted by a vibrant and bold red screen. Beneath the overlay, users can see an image of London’s silhouette. Centered within the page, the website name is put together with a bold, white serif font that impressively stands out. Under the title of the website, the journal description is minimized and presented in a contrasting sans serif font. Within the footer of the page, 5 Days in London offers a written prompt that invites users to scroll downward and delve into their photo journal.

Web Atvantage: 5 Days in London Beautiful Homepage

5 Days in London takes a creative spin on its menu by utilizing a simple toggle bar on the right side of the page with the label, “Change View.” When users hover their cursor over this unique menubar, its title, “Timeline,” becomes readily viewable. The timeline presents as a single, high-resolution photograph centered within the middle of the page as the main focus. A white sans serif font lays out information about the selected photograph, and a horizontal scroll guides users through a number of the blog’s photographs.

Web Atvantage: 5 Days in London Beautiful Website Design

Users interested in viewing the blog’s photographs in a different way may access the alternative toggle view. In this second view, 5 Days in London gives users a preview of multiple images at once on an extensive grid. The grid features photographs and text boxes. The edges of each photograph act as boundaries within the grid, allowing for the maximum use of the page and eliminating the need for any negative space.

Inserted between various photographs are solid white text boxes. These text boxes are made to be date markers, adopting the site’s classic red coloring in the font to tie them into the theme of the website. This creates an elegant and bold look.

While keeping to a minimalistic approach, 5 Days in London makes a big impact with their design. Bold colors and high-resolution photographs bring their adventures to life in a way that makes the UX equally exciting.

Web Atvantage: 5 Days in London is a beautiful website design in the Advertising, Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.