Bulmers Great Website Design

Bulmers is a beloved Irish apple cider. Through their marketing, they make a few things very clear: They’re Irish. They’re young. And they’re fun.

The Bulmers website features a single page, deep scroll layout. This layout serves to organize information in a simple, user-friendly way. The deep scroll format encourages the user to continue scrolling through the entire page.

The first image the user sees when they land on the page is Bulmers newest campaign video, adding a multimedia element to the web page. The video is embedded from YouTube. This may seem like a less sophisticated design choice, but actually, when the video is embedded this way, each view on the web page goes towards the number of views on YouTube, increasing the campaign video’s search engine ranking.

The video features only young extras and plays trendy music, highlighting that twenty-somethings are the target audience for the marketing. A social media hashtag just below highlights the trendy, youthful aesthetic the brand is trying to cultivate. Full-screen images of music festivals sponsored by Bulmers further emphasize youth, rounding out the aesthetic at the bottom of the page.

A semi-transparent, navigation bar appears at the top of the screen in monochromatic colors. Although bold, monochromatic colors do not usually distract from the main features. To the left of the navigation bar, an illustrated can of Bulmers sits to the left, a reminder of the brand’s long legacy.  

According to the copywriting on the web page, Bulmers recently underwent a brand make-over. In the abundant copywriting, designers explain the thoughts behind the new marketing choices, cultivating an honest relationship with the user.

An animation adds movement while high-resolution photography brings color to the page. Product images are framed in different colors, adding a playful effect and waking up the eye. At the bottom of the page white social media icons stand out against the black negative space, serving as a kind of call to action. 

With social media integration, young models, and irreverent humor, Bulmers’ website design highlights the youthful nature of the brand. Thoughtful website design was clearly part of their brand make-over.

Bulmers is a great website design in the Food & Beverage industry.

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