Carlsberg Loading Page Website Design

Carslberg’s Dynamic Website Walks Users Through 170 Years Of Making Beer

Carlsberg is a global brewery founded in 1847 and headquartered in the beautiful Copenhagen, Denmark. This well-known beer first began exporting globally in 1868, establishing its growing prominence in the beer brewing industry.

Today, Carlsberg is one of the biggest brewers in the world,  with a global distribution of 140 markets and a global revenue of almost $10 billion yearly.

The brand is proud of the beer it produces — whether it’s its original Carlsberg brew or one of the many variations the brand has created over the years. But recently, the brand wanted to recognize its heritage and the success they’ve had over the years. The Carlsberg brand wanted to take a look back at where they started, where they are today and how they got there. And to do this, they decided to create a new and exciting online experience that users could interact with and play around with.

The Carlsberg 170 site is just that — exciting, interactive and innovative. It’s an experimental website in its purest form.

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Carlsberg Drone Page Website Design

An experimental website, for those who don’t know, is a website that uses uncommon and new technologies in their designs. Think about the use of data visualization, gestural interface, new UX and UI patterns and more. These designs are innovative, new and revolutionary. They are, in a sense, experiments that are testing new ways to dazzle and engage using design elements.

And the Carlsberg website is one of those experimental websites thanks to its book-like layout, and use of interactive drone video to lead users on their journey through 170 years of beer making.

Carlsberg Sliding About Page Website Design

The Carlsberg Experimental Website Uses Drone Videos And Interactivity To Amaze Visitors

Experimental elements add a modern, sophisticated and futuristic vibe to this design that pulls users in and lulls them along the journey — taking them back in time.

Landing on the page, you’re urged to begin your drone journey. And then you’re off! This drone flies you through the streets of Copenhagen where you get a peek inside the brewery and the beer making process. To speed the process along, you can interact with the page by clicking which fast-forwards the video. There’ bright and idyllic music playing in the background which further puts you at ease and excites as you continue your journey.

When the drone video ends, you’re taken to the written content that details the brand and its long, fruitful history. It’s enigmatic and exciting and serene.

This usage of video and interactivity is a new element in web design. But here, it works. It isn’t too chaotic or jumbled, and the video loads quickly and seamlessly. This journey truly does feel immersive, and you learn a lot along the way.

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Carlsberg Sliding Product Page Website Design

Carlsberg’s Smooth, Single-Page Web Design Leads Users Through The Brand’s Story With Ease

After the drone touches down, you’re brought to the rest of this single-page website design. And it reads much like a storybook — this is just the next chapter.

As you scroll, pages slide in and out. It’s very smooth and dynamic the way these images slide from right to left. It’s peaceful, serene and exciting. You’re genuinely invested and excited to learn more.

Typography is bold but minimal. It’s clear and easy to read but doesn’t overwhelm. There are many images that can fill in the blanks — used either as background images or sitting like a slideshow on the page.

These images add depth and urgency. They bring the design full circle and further remind you of where you are.

This web design really is a story, and you’re the enchanted reader.

Carlsberg Product Final Page Website Design

The Engaging Carlsberg Platform Is A Stunning Display Of Innovative Storytelling That Intimately Involves Users In The Journey

Carlsberg is a brand known for its excellence in beer, but it can also add web design excellence to its roster of accolades with this exciting website design.

This design was created to tell a story — to delve into the last 170 years of heritage and display it in an engaging and sophisticated way. And it works.

Landing on this site, you’re immediately encouraged to take a drone walkthrough of the Carlsberg brewery and all the steps it takes to create these brews. You can click on the screen to speed forward, or glide along in peaceful satisfaction as happy music plays in the background, lulling you to relaxation on this fun-filled journey.

After your drone touches back down, you’re brought back to the tangible story. A sliding, single-page layout details the Carlsberg history, its beer and the steps it took for them to get there. A slideshow of images slides from right to left as you scroll, unlocking another piece of the Carlsberg puzzle.

This interactive and smooth transitioning from page to page feels like the flipping of a page in a book. It’s peaceful and idyllic and you’re genuinely invested in the story you’re reading.

Bold images and clear copy also make it easy to absorb the information in a way that isn’t too disorganized, complicated or chaotic. It just feels natural.

This is an experimental website design that plays with new and creative elements in a pleasing and serene way. The use of drone video, with an interactive quality paired with the smooth book-like layout of the design, is stunning and impossible to ignore. You’ll be reading right up until the last page.

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