Capital Harvest Beautiful Homepage

In a world where financing can be difficult to find, Capital Harvest is here to help your agricultural business flourish by lending a helping hand financially. Their focus is solely on your kind of business, ensuring you get the attention you need.

Capital Harvest combines corporate sleekness with industry-geared imagery to showcase the seriousness in which they take your business and theirs.

Up and down the home page, you’ll find yourself introduced to a lot of information very quickly with the use of a monochromatic color scheme. This lets the words speak for themselves, impacting you how they will.

The starkness of the site is relieved by the bright colors used in the imagery. Stunning yellows, reds, blues, and more pop off the page, adding variation to the now-colorful design.

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Capital Harvest Beautiful About Page

Give yourself the chance to get to know Captial Harvest in depth through their about page as you decide that they’re the company for you. The center of the page is where it’s at, as you scroll down through numerous blocks of text.

The page breaks down into a triad of information, showing you the company from a technical, community, and social aspect as you scroll. Live photographs introduce you to just a few of the great employees at the company, giving you a real look without over-editing or posed photographs.

The social media wall included on the page lets you dive into what Capital Harvest is up to, fueling a personal connection with them for you. The knowledge-centric page combines the company’s message with powerfully simple photographs to give you a well-rounded understanding of Capital Harvest.

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Capital Harvest Beautiful News Page

The field of finance is ever-changing, something Capital Harvest takes very seriously. Head on over to their news section to keep up with recent press releases the company has issued.

An abstract header image and solid footer bar create a visual case where your eyes are instantly drawn to the center of the page. Gorgeous photograph boxes accompany each press release, adding a splash of color to the white page and a dash of curiosity to their meaning. The simplicity of the layout lets each press release speak for itself to draw you in and make you want to read.

Capital Harvest makes it their business to simplify the financial aspect of your company, and their site design does exactly that for your user experience. The use of photographs for color adds variety to the monochromatic text to backdrop design, keeping it light and interesting.

Capital Harvest is a beautiful website design in the Agriculture and Banking & Finance industries.

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