AgAmerica Website Design

AgAmerica’s Intuitive Website Design Makes for a Comfortable Site Entry

Farmers are the backbone of every society, and AgAmerica’s goal is to provide them with financial stability through flexible lending solutions. This way, US farmers can keep their land and livelihood safe amid unpredictable times.

They teamed up with the website design agency Huemor, one of the best web development companies, to translate this vision into a feature-packed website.

The website opens with a full-screen video montage showing a sustainable farm life, an element AgAmerica’s customers can resonate with from the get-go.

Several interactive modules, like menu sliders, contain all the information to provide a comfortable experience for site visitors. UI elements such as outlined directional guides also prevent users from getting lost in the navigation. They promote seamless scrolling, too!

The three-panel slider below the banner also immediately informs customers about the options waiting for them. The large column-style layout gives a good view of the company’s solutions. Hovering over the panel reveals additional content and a new wide-screen image to go along with it.

Website Design by Huemor

AgAmerica Website Design Promotes Product Accessibility

The designers deserve applause for creating a website that correctly displays the brand’s lending solutions in a user-friendly and accessible way.

The site features an interactive loan and region map that allows visitors to toggle between the different regions AgAmerica serves.

With this, site visitors can quickly navigate to the appropriate landing page. The visuals are great for aesthetics and functionality, too! The map’s background changes based on the region to reflect the climate and the crops one would expect to see there.

The landing page is neat and intuitive. Essential resources are also strategically integrated into the page to help farmers easily find what they need, including:

  • A farm loan calculator
  • Health check
  • Verification form to drive qualified leads

AgAmerica’s greatest challenge was that some customers weren’t familiar with their area coverage. The singular National Lending page solved this. The website designers presented the company’s regional offerings and threw in some helpful stats, insights, and other key information.

The “Get Verified” section is impressive as well. It provides users with a quick three-step process of filing a loan request.

AgAmerica Website Design by Huemor

AgAmerica’s “Who We Are” Page Humanizes the Brand

Every brand needs a proper introduction and not just some generic About Us page that lists all the key people in the company.

This is the part where AgAmerica’s website design truly shines.

The Who We Are page effectively aligns AgAmerica with its customers. The Partner With Us section perfectly illustrates that the company doesn’t just lend to farmers; they also live with them and participate in their communities.

Partnership success stories are highlighted in this part of the website as well. The image slider containing stories and testimonials allows site visitors to read about personal experiences taken from partnerships with financial advisors, mortgage brokers and other investment professionals.

The designers also emphasized the brand’s commitment to transparency on this page. The designers made sure to include details about AgAmerica’s partnership with key institutions to help farmers succeed.

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AgAmerica Video Library

AgAmerica’s Video Page Gives a Glimpse into the American Farm Life

Videos are still one of the most effective tools for learning, and AgAmerica’s dedicated video page perfectly exemplifies that.

On the Resources menu, site visitors can jump to the Videos and Farming Docuseries page to get a glimpse of the lives of American farmers across the nation.

There are several video montages embedded into the page for an instant preview. Visitors can stay and watch these videos on auto-play or scroll further to see the entire video library at the lower part of the page.

Video blocks containing various content are integrated here for easy access. Each video features a short text overlay and a Play button describing what the video is about. This allows viewers to skim the video library and find what they like.

Visitors can find an abundance of farmer journeys, client success stories, and documentaries that will make their site browsing experience much more meaningful.

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