Lepa Vida Beautiful Homepage

The global wine business does over $250 billion in sales every year. There are well-known brands at every price point to meet the needs of consumers. Therefore, it can be difficult for a boutique, family winery to break into the market. They can make amazing wine but if people have no interest in trying it then their work was for nothing.

Lepa Vida has created a website that perfectly shows the rustic tradition of their winery while keeping up with technology by using a sleek, creative website. The photos are stylized and layered to give a feeling of substance. The page that appears while the site loads is a series of photos rapidly appearing one after the other in succession. It’s a great touch to something that many websites don’t even consider.

Lepa Vida Beautiful Website Design

The off-white background combined with the stylized photos and illustrations perfectly align with the product being sold. Every page looks like it was inspired by a wine label. The dark red text and borders look like a delicious red wine. If you’re feeling thirsty for a glass of wine right now; we don’t blame you.

Lepa Vida Elegant Gallery

The blog is a nice addition to the website and keeps with the design of the other pages. How many family-owned, boutique wineries do you think have blogs, let alone stylish, brand-building websites? It’s easy to navigate the articles and see the related photos, which give a nice preview of the blog.

Everything ties together very nicely on the Lepa Vida website. The colors remind us of their products, the photos and illustrations are quality additions to every page, and the small design choices throughout really make this site a complete experience fitting for a boutique luxury product.

Lepa Vida is a beautiful website design in the Agriculture, Food & Beverage and Luxury industries.