Cliff at Lyons Great Homepage

History and modernity collide just outside of Dublin, Ireland, at the privately owned Cliff at Lyons luxury hotel. There, guests are surrounded by lush, green fields and stunning, old buildings dating back centuries. Rivers weave through the countryside property, and guests from all over the world have immediate access to the finest of Irish culture, cuisine, and cosmopolitan comforts.

The site for Cliff at Lyons reflects the beauty and simple elegance cultivated by the owners of the remarkable destination. Full screen videos exhibit picturesque views of the property, and they showcase exquisite fountains and fully decorated living spaces available for guest rentals. Thin white or brown lines border the home page, and slender fonts with minimal textual content gracefully direct users to booking pages and other stay options.

Cliff at Lyons Great Website Design

The destination has it all: sport, leisure, shopping, and a touch of refined country living. A menu navigation bar allows users to explore with ease or scroll through staggered images of the location that each link to accommodations, food and dining details, or testimonial options. As users traverse through the site, text gently shifts to the right, and a tasteful tan color fills in empty spaces. Slim, white lines surround these sections, highlighting selections for viewing videos, making enquiries, and joining an exclusive online experience. The entire UX brings the luxury of a wedding or a visit in the historic location to life.

Cliff at Lyons Great Gallery Page Design

As users prepare to book an unforgettable holiday in this sophisticated location, they are invited to view images of the hotel’s interior. Each page of room options is set against a brilliant, white background, contrasting with pictures of antique décor and outdoor places for relaxation.

Each room image can be zoomed in on to reveal spaces filled with light streaming in from large windows, displaying the dazzling Irish country stretched out in a thousand hues of green. The simplicity and clarity the Cliff at Lyons site allows users to step into the culture and comfort that is sure to become a new, favorite luxury vacation destination.

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