Habitas Sophisticated Website Design

Auto-Playing Videos Draw Users Into The Website In An Exciting Way

Habitas is a global community — it’s a place where fellow travelers can come together to create memorable and lasting experiences in destinations across the globe. The brand offers clubhouses, hotels and catered experiences that members can take advantage of.

And to promote these captivating and stunning experiences, the brand infuses auto-playing video to give visitors a taste of what these destinations are like.

This video takes up the entire screen above the fold on the homepage, with images of sandy beaches, laughing children and beautiful waves crashing against the shore pulling you in. These images immediately evoke a sense of curiosity and fascination, putting you in the mindset of excitement, adventure and wonder.

Video has a way of grabbing hold of your attention almost immediately — and refusing to let go. And you can feel that here, with these bold and serene images taking you on a journey and telling you a story of community, history and relaxation.

These videos show the different destinations that Habitas has to offer. And it does so in a way that is immediately compelling, encouraging you to become a member and sign up for one of these daring adventures.

Video sells. And with the internet turning more towards video content than textual content, the choice to emphasize video in this way is extremely compelling. Not only that, but the way this video tells a story makes it even easier for visitors to the site to join in and see themselves having their own adventure.

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Habitas Fun Website Design

Simple Navigational Tools Make Finding Your Next Hotel Easy

Perusing this site is easy thanks to the simple, clean menu bar that sits at the top of the screen.

These bold, clear white words stand at attention against the dark grey menu bar. And these words are direct and to the point, taking you to these landing pages with ease. Whether you’re looking for hotels, personal stories or want to sign up, it’s easy to find the content you’re looking for.

The menu bar slides in and out of the main screen depending on your own consumer behaviors. It disappears to let the content on the page take center stage, but once it senses you’re ready to move on and you start scrolling up, this bar reappears to make is easy to enter other areas of the site.

And once you get to these landing pages, the efficient and user-friendly layout of all of this captivating and comprehensive content is equally appealing, making the process even smoother and guiding you to either sign up for the community or decide on a destination.

This site reels you in with ease thanks to its eye-catching video, and then the cleanliness and peaceful orientation of all of this content put you on a journey that ends with you finding a hotel or clubhouse and booking your next tropical adventure.

This website packs a lot into its interface. There are a number of different destinations, accommodations and experiences it highlights with minimal copy, attention-grabbing imagery and the integrity and passion of the brand as its backbone.

And with the help of this simple menu bar and overall straightforward layout, this design screams success.

Habitas Creative Website Design

The Habitas Site Uses Subtle Scrolling Effects To Add Depth And Lead Users On Their Journey

Users are enticed along their buyer’s journey through the Habitas website due, in part, to the stunning visual effects integrated into the design. There is a heavy emphasis on imagery, but you wouldn’t get there if it weren’t for the subtle scrolling effects.

These effects add depth and a whimsical nature to the brand, creating a sense of urgency and encouraging users to keep scrolling to find out more about the brand and what they have to offer.

As you scroll, images and text float up and become more prominent, losing their transparent qualities as they come into focus. These are simple effects, adding a touch of sophistication and authenticity to the overall design. But they certainly keep users engaged, as they can’t wait to see what box of text or imagery will pop up next.

This effect is apparent across the entire design and in each section. Though in some — like the “Stories” tab — it's more prominent because these pages are made up entirely of images that breathe life into the design and give visitors to the site a look into these wonderful experiences.

This design is simple in nature, and these soft effects add to the luxury of it all without going too overboard and taking away from the content within.

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Habitas Image-Driven Website Design

An Image-Driven Layout Creates A Sense Of Wonder And Urgency In The User

We’ve talked about the enchanting and almost hypnotic nature of this website thanks to the high-quality video that plays upon landing on the homepage, the clean and sophisticated orientation and the subtle effects that allow for this impactful content to flow to the top. But what really brings this design full circle is the image-driven layout.

Images make up almost every piece of information available on this site. There is little text — if any. And most of it sits at the beginning of the landing pages, in the “Stories” section (which is more of a blog anyway) or on the images themselves, in short, descriptive lines.

For everything else, the images speak for themselves.

And in this design, it works.

These images show different areas, different hotels and different lifestyles that all correlate to one of the available destinations that Habitas offers its members. They are high-resolution photographs that capture the essence of these places and really give visitors something tangible to interact with.

And the creative way these images are all displayed really takes the cake, adding a playfulness, a luxury and a classic vibe to the brand in its entirety.

Images speak to consumers more quickly than words, and by relying on images as a design element here, this brand is telling users that pictures are worth a thousand words — and you need to experience these places to really understand what they’re all about.

Habitas Cool Website Design

What Is The Habitas Brand All About?

Habitas is a brand that considers itself “a global home for a global community."

It’s a brand that connects travelers, adventure seekers and compassionate individuals with destinations and experiences that can help them build bonds, forge relationships and make a positive impact on communities across the globe.

It’s a members-only community of excited and ambitious travelers. Users have to apply to be part of the team via a simple, multi-step process. And once they’re approved, they're offered access to these exclusive hotels, clubhouses and destinations across the world all created to provide an unforgettable experience.

Here is the Habitas manifesto:

Our Mission is to change people’s lives in a positive and lasting way by creating deeper human connections. We believe that beauty, love & sharing, combined with elevated, mind-blowing experiences is needed now more than ever. We believe that the world needs new spaces, places, homes and temples, where like minded souls can connect and grow, and dance until 4am. Our mission is to create an extraordinary world, where strangers become best friends, and friends become family.

This website is full of exciting information — from info about the brand and its mission to specific stories shared by individuals who have taken advantage of these opportunities and homes to create an experience all of their own.

It’s a comprehensive website that cares about shared travel stories and experiences, establishing a strong integrity and authenticity through their heartfelt sentiments and messaging that really appeals to travelers all across the world.

And their website is just one shining example of this passion and ambition — which is infused into every step of the user experience.

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Habitas Stunning Website Design

How The Habitas Website Stands Out

The Habitas website serves as a global community — and that’s what they’re all about:

Habitas is a global community. We build and activate spaces around the world, hotels in extraordinary destinations and clubhouses in the cities we live and work. Our mission is to change people’s lives in a positive and lasting way by creating deeper human connections.

Habitas cares about this worldwide body of travelers and locals alike, connecting them through powerful trips that will bridge the unknown gap that divides them and foster an atmosphere of openness, excitement and adventure.

And the website helps to promote that enthusiasm and hopefulness in its dedication to putting these destinations on full display.

Through the use of impactful video and an image-driven layout, paired with sophisticated scrolling effects and a comprehensive offering condensed by simple navigation and photography, this website put visitors in contact with these destinations firsthand.

It eliminates confusion and creates a sense of curiosity that compels visitors to become a member and launch their next getaway.

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