Andermatt Website Design

Andermatt Website Design Is Wound Up for Excellence

Andermatt Swiss Watches is an exclusive boutique for watches, jewelry and precise writing instruments based in The Chedi Andermatt – a deluxe hotel in the Swiss Alps. From traditional brands to modern ones, such as Blancpain, Bvlgari, Hublot and Roberto Coin, the company offers various luxury products that will turn heads.

Andermatt, however, works with turning (watch) hands and one look at their website, designed by FiveDotTwelve makes them act up like fans. In other words, time flies at the sheer beauty and class emanating at every step of the user journey.

The company came to the agency with the intention of creating a website not only relevant to their current business situation and the brand but one that offers versatility, convenient and easy content management and most importantly – one that elevates brand awareness of clients visiting the hotel.

It’s easy to say, Andermatt asked for an elegant staircase to climb, they got a luxurious rocket instead! Fortunately, they have the best tools to count 'till launch.

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Simple and Elegant

Andermatt’s Website Design Basks in the White Space and Uses a Stripped-Down Layout to Showcase its Offers

While the Home page is basically the core of the website, a showroom where Andermatt presents visitors with the essence of the brand. Like how top-rated web design agencies ensure coherent messaging across the site, FiveDotTwelve created multiple sections, each with a specific purpose:

  • Home page with a video presenting the boutique and elements referring to Andermatt's offer
  • Brands page where users can browse partnering brands and their catalogs
  • Special offers page where users can browse information about additional packages offered by Andermatt Swiss Watches and their partners
  • Contact page where users can find information about the boutique, contact data and a contact form.

Each of these opens with magnificent, high-res visuals framed with a prevalent whiteness, the negative space to accentuate the content even further. The site is extremely easy to navigate, which is why the main menu navigation didn’t need to be sticky. The design is simple, clean legible, consistent and beautiful to look at, much like Andermatt’s premium products.

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Sleek Intro Video Brings a Touch of Sophistication to Andermatt’s Website

Andermatt’s website is a visual experience. For almost every product there is a stylish, high-quality photograph that fills the surrounding area, as well as the visitors’ expanding FOMO balloon.

But before you even get to punchy copy bits and beautiful product shots, you’re greeted with a high-quality video that shows everything – from the macro shots of snow-covered peaks of the Swiss Alps to the inviting interior of The Chedi Andermatt hotel and star of the show, the shop itself.

The video is seamlessly integrated into the overall design and it only nudges you to hover closer and closer to subtle CTA buttons.

Large, Elegant Typography Makes a Clear Statement - This Is a Place to Watch

Exceeding expectations is a goal every website should strive for and Andermatt website design accomplishes this effortlessly, infusing creative solutions into clean-cut, precise (almost Swiss) conventions.

Custom typography is one of the website's strongest elements. Placed in the central part of every page, it demands attention and makes a clear statement.

There’s a subtle mix between sans-serif font and a script font, as well as a mix between all caps and lowercase copy. The mixture creates an aesthetically appealing experience that digs deep into subconsciousness.

The large letters and contrast enhance the visual appeal and reinforce it with an air of exclusivity, while punchy copy adds to the distinctive flow of Andermatt’s website.

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