City of Weslaco Colorful Homepage

The City of Weslaco's website promotes the municipality online through architectural landmarks, drawings, and beautiful photography from the city in an asymmetrical and modern design.

The use of captivating color is strong, and the typography is bold, modern, and quite large, which fits with current design trends.

City of Weslaco Colorful Timelines

This website has a neat, flat design with a few subtle animations that bring dynamics to the user navigation experience. These animations remain in perfect balance with the content, adding an overall nice touch to the website.


City of Weslaco Colorful Website Design

Black and white photos and full-page background images are styled to look old-fashioned, giving this page a vintage touch. This site also uses white space evenly throughout; this makes content easy for users to digest and allows them to better appreciate the beautifully executed illustrations.


City of Weslaco Colorful About Page

"Facts & History" is a full-width page that tells the city's story throughout the years in an interactive experience. Users are able to choose a specific year within a navigation time and read a brief synopsis of what occurred that year.

Fast facts about Welasco are placed inside a green module that is locked on the left side of the browser, which ensures they capture users' attention. 

Below the timeline, the page displays artistic watercolor illustrations, which can be clicked for further information. There is also an interesting hover effect that makes the illustrations turn from grayscale to color.

On the bottom of this page, users can learn what to do in Welasco through an interactive grid that works through a mouse hover. This includes some amazing photography that makes a great impression on visitors and will encourage them to explore more.

City of Weslaco Clean Menu

The menu is very simple and easy to read, which lets users center on the information and illustrations that accompany the city's beautiful website. 

City of Weslaco is a colorful website design in the Government and Non-Profit industries.