Clock Creative Homepage

Clock is a company that helps small businesses, individuals, and corporations alike create stunning digital spaces for their brands and businesses. They specialize in creating user-engaging content that focuses on your specific niche. This home page displays a very creative and playful design that reinforces Clock’s values, while also demonstrating an unrivaled interactive experience.

The bubbles at the base of the page move around playfully and can be clicked to send users to a specific niche of content. The bubbles all say things like, “E-Commerce,” “Loyalty,” etc., and each bubble acts as a gateway to a portfolio that reflects the listed quality.

This is an incredibly interactive and responsive way to organize a portfolio, while also demonstrating Clock’s capacity for innovative web design firsthand. The designer clearly understands that for users, seeing is believing, so by creating a page that is interactive and high-powered itself, users will trust that Clock can do the same for them.

Clock Creative Website Design

This is one of the portfolio pages accessible from a bubble on the home page. This page focuses on ecommerce and provides both image and text meant to explain the design and UX of the page. The text justifies Clock’s design decisions, while the image provides a visual stand-in for what they’re talking about.

What’s more, discerning a space in the site specifically for ecommerce design allows Clock to more fully detail their design process. This is an excellent example of a design scheme that really gets the most out of a site. By creating as many niche spaces within the website as possible, the designer has ensured thatevery user’s experience is fruitful, helping them find exactly what they’re looking for. Additionally, the detail present between the text and image of this page further increases the definition of the UX and again ensures that users find what they came here for.

Clock Clean Blog Page

Lastly, this “Insight” section features blogs and editorials by Clock’s staff that explore the various principles and strategies they utilize when designing a site. This page is rife with relevant content that transcends the immediate wants and needs of users, instead providing compelling theoretical information that they could use to design themselves.

This is just another example of how Clock’s designer has maximized every nook and cranny of the site. Whether you’re browsing a portfolio, shopping through their design templates, or reading one of their editorials, Clock has designed a site that is truly a one-stop shop for all things web design.

Clock is a creative website design in the Professional Services industry.