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image_1518552115_B2k6C0rZEOTeKYEpfBPrGxLxAsYNAAF6sirZjnjY.gifHand your business over to Young Blood means handing it over for a complete makeover where you can expect visually stunning, experimental results.

Energetic. Youthful. Eclectic. That’s the vibe Young Blood emanates from the moment you enter their creative website design. Ge ready for an onslaught of color because that’s exactly what you’re going to get. A number of portfolio previews layer one over another in rapid succession. Pastel blues, pinks, yellows, purples, and oranges come together in a way that’s busy, but eye-catching.

Sit as long as you want, staring at the collection. It’ll build upon itself, reset, and build again. It’s automatic so all you have to do is enjoy and decipher projects from one another. The energetic introduction immediately excites and entices, building your desire to dig further into what makes up Young Blood.

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Young Blood Best Website

image_1518552130_nPN49hzUTvQmizP542hTQLZpvVqg6xZ7W9yDedCO.gifLet your eyes fall to the left side of the home page and catch sight of the animated menu button. It may be small, but it’s captivating. Go ahead. Open it up. Young Blood puts together a phenomenal menu to assure you can make your way around the website.

As you enter the menu, you come face to face with a number of blocks. Pulling from a grayscale color scheme, the menu is calm in comparison to the homepage. Its pale appearance is accented by the use of animations and effects to light up the menu. Move your mouse around the menu to bring full color to each block as you go. The sudden vibrant hues draw you in, giving you both insight into what you can expect from the project as well as create a driving force to push you into investigating more.

What’s more? The menu relies heavily on a clean and organized appearance to create an undistracted way for you to explore. The imagery blocks are neatly lined down the page in a grid format. The designs dominate the page, making for an uncomplicated experience. 

Young Blood Colorful Web Design Agency

Sit down and prepare yourself to experience Young Blood’s portfolio in a whole new way. Taking on a storyteller sense, each portfolio piece details the creative process for you to enjoy. A clean background allows for your focus to stay solely on the colorful photographs lining the page. These images are the foundation of the story, giving the page a highly visual aspect.

From the confines of the page’s scroll, you’ll dive into a magazine-like feeling. The project is organized and presented in an individual mock-up manner resembling what feels like a highly fashionable magazine. It’s cool, creative and unique, like reading a magazine at the newsstand. The choice adds a familiar character to every project and adds a level of depth to steadily draw you further down the page. It’s unparalleled and exciting to experience!

Dynamic imagery and a minimalist background build the perfect platform for users to familiarize themselves with Young Blood. Creativity at its best engages and entices users as they become immersed in the site.

Young Blood is a colorful website design in the Advertising, Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.

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