Fjord Net Clean Homepage

Talking houses. Virtual, digital assistants. These notions used to seem out of reach, but nowadays they aren’t just far-fetched ideas. Products like Amazon’s Alexa are becoming very real parts of our everyday existence. But, what makes these incredible virtual assistants able to readily interact with us? The answer is voice interfaces, and it’s a complicated one. The idea of a program that allows technology to talk back to us in response to the things we say is wild and exciting. However, at the same time, understanding voice interfacing and how it can be used can be difficult.

That’s where Fjord Net comes to the rescue. The company is powered by a group of individuals who pride themselves in explaining technology to people who have little understanding of high-tech products—the people who need things in layman's terms.

Sticking to keeping things simple and easy to understand, Fjord Net utilizes a single page site design to get rid of navigation complications. The website features a plain tri-color scheme with pink and blue as the two main shades, focusing heavily on a wide negative space of white. The information given to readers is heavy textual content, and sometimes it’s hard to understand. To alleviate some of the thick nature, Fjord Net attaches fun animations to each of the main breakdowns. The animations are minimalistic and sketchy, appearing to be hand-drawn right on the page.

Each section of information is broken down into two parts: two brief paragraphs of information and one “We Suggest” box where Fjord Net offers up what they think is the best approach to handling the information offered.

Fjord Net Clean Website Design

Fjord Net makes things simple, less chaotic, and easy to understand. Once users have sifted through Fjord Net’s website about voice interfaces and are interested in contacting them, they can click on the logo in the upper left corner of the page to be redirected to the company’s home website. From here, high-quality images of the company’s projects and their working team fill the page, enticing users to watch an “About Us” video and cruise through more images in the slider.

Fjord Net’s impeccable professionalism shines through in their website design. The deep scroll format paired with vast negative space makes for a clean, corporate appearance. Luckily, the elegant design maintains an attitude of lightheartedness thanks to the friendly, animated graphics depicted in every section. Users can enjoy their experience as they read through Fjord Net’s content and learn about voice interfaces.

Fjord Net is a clean website design in the Technology industry.