Pay N Seconds Creative Homepage

This site helps consumers pay smarter, anywhere, at anytime. As a provider of the latest payment processing services and technology on the web, Pay N Seconds helps clients stay relevant and keep up with their consumers’ demanding needs. 

The strong visual impact begins with the blue and purple gem-like hues, which are unexpected compared to the stereotypical green that’s found in many traditional financial tech brands. Then, a complete ecosystem of hand-drawn illustrations, icons and motion graphics poised the modern logo and visual style. The voice of the Pay N Seconds brand is distinct and innovative. The style and tone of messaging throughout the site is casual, self-assured and current. The best interface achievement is shown on the “Services” page, in which the various formats not only enrich the visual presentation, but also enhance the user experience. With the aim of product-focused approach, the simplified navigation system directs users into three main pages of long-scrolling content with unmissable call-to-actions. As users explore information throughout the site from desktop to mobile, the types of functionality and interactive content are varied. 

Pay N Seconds Creative Website Design

In the Pay N Seconds video, brand assets are brought to life in an equally vibrantanimatedworld all their own. The motion graphic experience unpacks the benefits and services by intentionally calling out their competition’s differences. The result is an animation that is quirky but clear and purposefully executed. It’s bright, clean, and a touch sarcastic, much like the website. The accompanying song completes the retro vibe and the cheeky voiceover ties the feel together.

Overall, Pay N Seconds built their brand personality very successfully by the tailor-made illustrations and icons. The smart choice of color palette and typefaces complete the visual language. The well-crafted and nicely displayed messaging enhance the readability; the unmissable call-to-actions encourage user engagement.

Pay N Seconds is a creative website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.