Dollar Shave Club Awesome Homepage

There’s no question, the Dollar Shave Club is a boys clubs, and they’re all too aware of that fact in their website design. With irreverent copywriting and rustic imagery, Dollar Shave Club makes it clear that they are not your ordinary razor company.

Rather than drowning the user in copy, Dollar Shave Club, or DSC, features a Youtube video at the top of the homepage. The humorous video playfully explains why the user should join, as told by the founder of the company, adding a personal touch to the brand. Each time someone lands on the page and watches the video, it gets another view on Youtube, increasing the search engine ranking for the marketing video.

The typeface in a faded white color set against a background featuring planks of wood evokes a rustic feel on the home page. Between the dark gray, white and orange featured on the page, the color scheme is kept masculine.

A white navigation bar at the top of the screen features the orange logo in the center, an eye-catching reinforcement of brand identity. Pressing a menu icon to the far left of the bar causes a dark gray menu to appear from the side.

Images and illustrations appear on the homepage, although the copy is more dominant. This is a risky choice for a web page, but because the copywriting reflects the same goofy, yet sarcastic nature as the marketing video, the user is compelled to continue reading.

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Dollar Shave Club Awesome Testimonials Page

Highlighting the user-centered nature of the brand, DSC hosts a platform where users can leave honest reviews. The page features the same wood background and font, carrying on the rustic aesthetic.

With more than 31,000 reviews, users can feel pretty confident about trying DSC. The user doesn’t have to read all of these reviews to get the main points though. Illustrations and statistics towards the top of the page showcase key points taken from the reviews.

E-commerce is no easy game. To be successful, businesses have to leverage brand image with customer loyalty. Dollar Shave Club is able to capture their brand image through witty copywriting and content marketing. 

Dollar Shave Club is an awesome website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Fashion & Beauty industries.

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