As soon as you’re greeted by the Jägermeister home page; you can tell this website is different. Most websites with adult content like alcohol have a boring dropdown menu that looks the same on every single website. Not Jägermeister. They do things differently and that’s the immediate impression you get simply by being prompted to enter your age.


Product photos make the Jägermeister website eye-catching and unique. Almost every single page makes the bottle the main focal point. There is rarely more than 1 or 2 sentences of text. The typography is clean and white so as not to distract from the beautiful product photos. There is an emphasis on keeping Jägermeister cold throughout the website and this is shown in the above image with fog enveloping the bottle.

You will also find the classic Jägermeister orange color on every single page serving as a bit of added consistency. The entire brand image is consistent throughout the entire website.


Once again, we see another image where an emphasis has been put on the product as well as the idea of keeping the beverage cold. Depth of field has been used very nicely to put the focus on the foreground and leave a little bit of mystery as to what is in the background. Again, the clean white text has been used sparingly and we see more orange to help draw the eye to the text. Without some color, it would be easy to stay focused on the bold image of the Jägermeister bottle and move along without even noticing the white text. Colors like orange, red, and yellow are very effective at grabbing the eye’s attention.

Jägermeister had two options when creating a website. They could have made a boring site with a few product details and some information about where consumers can purchase the beverage. Instead, they chose to go a different direction. Jägermeister used their website to help build upon their existing brand. Consistent color selection is used across the entire website and stunning product photos make you feel as though Jägermeister is some kind of high-end beverage rather than a mid-range spirit.

JÄGERMEISTER is an awesome website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Food & Beverage industries.