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Do you wear glasses and find yourself revolted by the high costs your eye doctor’s office gives you for purchasing glasses? Have a pair of frames lying around that you could use? Then head on over to Lensabl, where your glasses needs are met for a fraction of the cost!

A quirky display of people wearing glasses and making funny expressions with their eyes and eyebrows is the very first thing to greet you as you hit Lensabl’s homepage. See sunglasses and everyday glasses modeled on men, women, and children.

The long homepage is smartly divided up with the use of color, each segment changing up its background color. It makes it easy to know when you’ve transitioned into another piece of information. The page employs a combination of illustrations and photographs, adding variation and reprieve to the design so it all doesn’t look the same as you scroll.

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Lensabl Clean Blog Site

You’ve read up on it and you love the concept, but you find yourself with a few different questions. That’s okay, Lensabl's got you covered! In their support section, you’ll find all the answers you need if not more. The fun, bright coloring is replaced with a very pale monochromatic scheme, signifying the seriousness of the page and maintaining your focus where it’s needed.

The only playful thing on the page is the sub-menu. Broken down by the most common categories of questions, each menu item comes with its own icon to drive home the point of the category. The interactive pages allow you to expand and close answers to questions as you see fit, giving you complete control over what you read and don’t.

The brilliant interaction quickens the process and shortens the page initially so all you see are possible questions you might have. It’s a small thing that adds a whole new dynamic to the user experience.

Lensabl offers up a new experience for users by helping them save money on a life necessity: Their glasses. The need to buy in this case isn’t fun so the site takes a new spin on their visual design, amplifying the user experience with quirky animations, beautiful imagery, and fun illustrations. Necessity drew you them, but an intriguing website design keeps you there!

Lensabl is a beautiful website design in the Arts & Recreation, E-commerce & Retail and Technology industries.

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