EasyMop Colorful Homepage

EasyMop is a home cleaning solution from Casdan Utilities. It’s a practical option when performing cleaning on various types of floors, such as porcelain, wood, tile, and laminate. It effectively replaces the traditional cloth, bucket, and squeegee.

The website is a one-page design which is quite effectively done and it seems to suit the product and brand well. The UX is pretty basic, with there being limited interaction between the user and the website. But with that said, the colors, copy, and content are compelling enough to ensure that the user reaches the end of the short site. What’s more, the animations used are well-timed, with additional graphics and icons popping into the screen at certain points as you scroll your way down the page.

The color palette is a combination of white, orange and turquoise. It’s a quite a clean combination, which is unsurprising considering the product is a cleaning product. The turquoise is used as a background for the icons, speech bubbles and copy. The orange is consistently used to signify the product, which is quite an effective way of drawing your eye to the mop at specific moments as you scroll through the page.

EasyMop Colorful Website Design

As mentioned, the formatting and content of the website make the journey through the one-age site an engaging experience. There’s enough written copy to inform the user, and it’s accompanied by useful graphics and iconography. The open sans font adds a youthful and playful feel to the overall design, with the headings utilizing a slighter heavier font to ensure that they lead your eye towards the appropriate points of the page.

The same one-page design is used on mobile, and whilst it’s not fully optimized for the small screen it still does a good job of guiding the user through the product. Overall, it’s an interesting and rather effective take on a product website that would typically take the form of a multi-page layout. The colors and animations ensure that the user is lead down the page in a compelling manner.

EasyMop is a colorful website design in the E-commerce & Retail industry.