Entropiefestival (slide 1)

Entropie is an experimental dance music festival that features some of the premiere emerging artists in electronic and pop music. Visitors are subject to several days of entertainment and a lasting unique experience that is unlike any other festival around. Entropie’s home page communicates the sense of experimentalism and uniqueness that the festival is known for. Several strong asymmetric, graphic design elements accent the page in a diverse and eclectic way.

For instance, the background features two asymmetrically cropped images that have also been flipped upside down. Additionally, a tribal pattern has been animated to pulse and rotate periodically, providing a stronger dynamism and activity to the page. As users access the site, they’re immediately exposed to a visual composition that is incredibly difficult to pin down. The eclectic selection of different elements has created a page as experimental and uncanny as the festival itself, reflecting the client’s brand and putting users in the festival frame of mind.

Entropiefestival (slide 2)

Entropie’s website menu continues to play off some of the same design motifs as seen on the home page, but it does so with an added functionality and informational value. Here, users can browse the festival line up and easily access each artist’s music online. The upside down, asymmetrically paneled design scheme continues here, sustaining the ethereal quality of enigma rampant throughout the entire site. By sustaining the proper design scheme and introducing utility, the designer immerses viewers deeper into the virtue of the festival, while also providing a UX that satisfies their intrigue.

Entropiefestival (slide 3)

Critical to Entropie is its core philosophy, which details in more literal terms the same values clearly present in their visual layout. The same design scheme is used here on Entropie’s “About” page, and the designer legitimizes it with a scroll of text that iterates the specific values of experimentation and uniqueness that Entropie holds so dear. This adds another level to branded user experience, providing insight behind the design and premise of the festival. Their entire site uses a stunning design to reflect the artistic virtues of the festival, and it provides users with a UX that perfectly primes them for the upcoming event.

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