TED Talks Clean Homepage

TED Talks have become a household name, providing binge worthy entertainment with a twist. Every time you watch a TED Talk, you walk away with some groundbreaking information from leaders in any array of disciplines. In the past few years, TED Talks have become an iconic piece of pop culture.

Landing on the TED home page, the user is greeted by high resolution images spotlighting the popular TED Talks of the moment. The TED logo appears in bold red, an unmistakable assertion of brand identity; nearly everyone can recognize that red T. Red, white, and black dominate the home page, bold colors for a bold brand.

As the user scrolls, they’ll notice rows and rows of videos recommended for them. Titles of the suggested genres appear in white font on a red banner, capturing the eye of the user. Once the user scrolls to the bottom of the page, they find a paragraph explaining what TED is, appearing in light grey font so as not to distract from their main product: the videos.

TED Talks Clean Blog Page

The TED blog features posts expanding on intriguing ideas presented in TED Talk, as well as new thoughts presented by innovative thinkers. The blog is updated daily, creating a steady stream of traffic to the site. Articles are neatly organized in rows and feature stunning photography or quirky illustrations. TED seamlessly integrates advertisements into the page by presenting ads in a similar aesthetics to the rest of the page.

TED Talks Clean Article Page

Clicking on a blogpost title directs the user to short, easily digestible posts. TED knows not everyone has time to read a full article, so key points are bolded while important links appear in red. At the bottom of the page, TED recommends posts on a similar vein, leading the user further into the website, reducing bounce rate.

TED primarily engages with their audience through their website, where their videos are offered for free. Through their blog, videos, and newsletter, TED is able to add genuine value to the lives of their audience. Simple font, monochromatic colors, and abundant negative space allow ideas to remain the center of attention on the TED webpage.

TED Talks is a clean website design in the Entertainment and Non-Profit industries.