Star Wars Awesome Homepage

Star Wars is an international movie franchise that needs no introduction. It focuses on an imagined past with a futuristic feel, and it has built a community and culture as recognizable as it is expansive. Their website, which was developed as a complete hub for everything related to the franchise, features several design mechanics and visual motifs that reflect the styling and impact of Star Wars.

For example, there is a staunch, black background on the home page, with a series of beveled panels, digitized text, and computerized icons. All of these visual elements create a futuristic and industrial aesthetic that will make users feel like they are accessing some space age computer terminal. What’s more, the content of the page is organized to keep users up to date on the most interesting and relevant developments in the Star Wars canon. At the same time, a sleek menu at the top of the page allows navigation to more curated spaces. The designer has created an experience that, in its aesthetic and comprehensiveness, evokes and perpetuates the Star Wars brand.

Star Wars Awesome Website Design

The Star Wars news page features its own particular stream of content. This is the layout and format of the site; together, several separate feeds provide a very full image of Star Wars and its presence in the world today. The same paneling and aesthetic is maintained across every page, making the entire site feel cohesive and immersive. The designer has formatted the Star Wars site to provide simultaneously varied and singular experiences. The categorical separation of content and visual unity manages this duality well.

Star Wars Awesome News Page

The Star Wars community page creates a mechanic that further plays on the theme of unity and separation. Users can experience Star Wars here in a variety of ways, from engaging in a message board to attending a listed event. What’s more, users can uniquely express their appreciation of Star Wars by sharing fan art or contributing to the community’s content. This creates unique experiences for everyone, allowing them to find a space right for them, but it does so with collectivism and community.

Across the site, the designer has perfectly expressed what it means to be a fan of Star Wars. The commonality of the franchise brings people together, while the unique takeaways and talents of each fan allows them to uniquely express this commonality. Through its visual unity and categorical separation, the site and its designer have effectively captured this idea.

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