Epicurious Great Homepage

Epicurious is a cooking site where users are encouraged to find and share recipes with one another. The searching and sharing of recipes is the core component of this site. The home page has been designed specifically to initiate the recipe search process right out the gate. The background image shows a kitchen counter with ingredients that are ready to be used in a dish. This creates a sense of impending creation that synergizes with the beginning of the recipe search experience.

Users arrived at the site and are immediately empowered to explore. The focal point of this home page is the search bar in the center of the frame. It's this focus on the search bar and image selection that together create a sense of what is yet to come. The aesthetic design and mechanical feature of the home page not only initiate the site’s experience, but also generate a sense of anticipation, possibility, and creation.

Epicurious Clean Website Design

Another featured mechanic of the site is the menu creation tool that allows users to assemble groups of recipes. Users are able to create, share, and discover menus freely throughout the site. This allows them to personally express themselves and discover new culinary creations and styles. It continues the design theme of personalization and creation, and it adds a new element of collaboration.

This page expounds the scope of the site by introducing a social feature. Users are now able to actually contribute to the fabric of the site. Once a user creates a menu, other users will be able to discover this menu, enhancing their own experience with the site. This collaborative social feature furthers the UX as personalized and creative by allowing users to not only discover, but also create content.

Epicurious Great Website Design

This community front page is the gateway to Epicurious’ user-curated space. Here you can find user-generated posts, articles, and recipes that are most popular amongst the Epicurious community. Users can amass followings and follow the Epicurious creators they most respect and enjoy. Then, the next time they visit this community page, they'll be able to see a stream of content exclusively from the culinary masters they most appreciate. This is yet another way that Epicurious has designed a truly user-centered, personalized experience. Now users can format their automatic feeds to suit their unique tastes, rather than having to aimlessly search. If a user wants more authentic Mexican recipes, they can focus their feed on that, or if they want more desserts they can do the same for that. On Epicurious, your tastes create your experience, and the site has been designed with tools and interfaces that empower this personalization.

Epicurious is a great website design in the Food & Beverage industry.