Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Clean Homepage

Few things bring people together more than good food and beverages, and at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, the experience is nothing short of epic for foodies. Featuring restaurant favorites, classes by cooking masters, and some of the finest Australian wines, the festival brings people of all backgrounds and interests together around a common passion for all things culinary. The site for this famous annual event expresses the same energy and enthusiasm for edible delights, and it draws users into the experience to find something that will tempt their unique tastes.

The design is easy to navigate and provides comprehensive content for users coming from any location to experience the event. Crisp and enticing images of treats from the festival greet users on the home page where they can begin the search for festival information, recipes and menus, ways to join the experience, and subscriptions to fantastic content for festival followers. Drop-down menus can be quickly located at the top heading, and social media, blog, and subscription links are readily available across the page to bring food lovers together in an online community.

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Clean Website Design

A consistent color scheme of white backdrops with red headings and black drop-down menus keeps users focused on the food and wines at hand. Foodies can click various menu options and experience all kinds of digital tools to bring them face-to-face with videos, blogs, and content about the festival. Scrolling through pages about regional getaways, recipes, or latest festival news allows them to view more intriguing images of the experience, each with a title in red, separated by white borders, and including a link to more relevant information.

As users find a blog or recipe that interests them, they can click to see a rotating slideshow with more images and information, including social media connections and tantalizing descriptions of each culinary concept they may discover. The UX is clean, colorful, and easy to use, allowing food lovers to enjoy all the alluring ideas sure to please their fine tastes at this festival.

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