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Furthermore is luxury fitness brand Equinox’s digital magazine venture. It is a health and wellness space that features both general lifestyle news and curated branded content that subtly promotes Equinox gyms across the nation. 

Meant to be a player in the sometimes crowded wellness space, Furthermore is an expanded, stand-alone editorial entity. The website takes care to distinguish Furthermore’s identity from the Equinox identity, while still being firmly rooted in the parent company’s brand.

Furthermore from Equinox Website Design Menu

The website opens with a visually appealing design. The gray font is well-spaced and subtle yet easily readable against the white backdrop. The logo also does an excellent job of merging the Furthermore and Equinox identities while showing that they are, in fact, separate. 

The drop-down menus in each content category give an accurate glimpse into the kind of articles a user can expect, with compelling images and catchy headlines.

Furthermore from Equinox Top Website Design Blog

The Furthermore website’s content is very engaging -- it has high-quality images, relevant text information, and great videos. There is information available about workouts, health food and recipes, vacations, style and apparel, as well as interviews with celebrities and influential figures in the fitness industry.

The information is readily available and the website is easy to navigate, making for great user experience. The website also follows a clear brand strategy -- to invoke a sense of young and modern luxury.

Furthermore from Equinox Sleek Website Design

The website’s branded content is also kept to a minimum and is not heavily advertised, making for a pleasant design experience that doesn’t detract from the overarching content offered.

The aesthetic of the website is subtle, elegant and minimal, while at the same time presenting a gold mine of relevant and engaging content about the health and wellness industries. Overall, Furthermore does a great job of standing out as an expanded editorial entity in the fitness space.

Furthermore from Equinox is a sleek website design in the Sports & Leisure, Fashion & Beauty and Arts & Recreation industries.