Vogue Minimal Homepage

Vogue is possibly the leading name in fashion media. With their iconic serifed typeface, there’s no need to say much about the brand, so Vogue wastes no time jumping straight into content.

The Vogue home page features minimal copy. Rather, they open with a commanding video. Scrolling onwards, they immediately begin presenting their stories for the day, with bold, fashion forward images and minimal text. Text is only featured as headlines for stories in an elegant black typeface that matches their timeless logo.

One of the biggest names in the Conde Nast family, Vogue has a lot of information that they need to pack into their home page. Despite this, they allow fashion and celebrity images to remain the visual focal point of the page. A monochromatic navigation bar at the top of the page mirrors the aesthetic of the logo. The drop down menu allows Vogue to organize their many pages without creating clutter, keeping the home page clean and fresh. A deep scroll layout encourages users to continue scrolling through their stories for hours.

Popups can be annoying, but they are effective at capturing the attention of the user. As the user navigates away from the home page, a popup encouraging them to subscribe appears next some high fashion imagery.

Vogue Minimal Website Design

Stories are organized in neat, symmetrical rows on the home page. Each article page echoes the clean, yet feminine aesthetic of the home page. Rich with color, long chunks of text are balanced with in-text images as well as sliders. To reduce bounce rate, recommended stories are presented at the bottom, while social media buttons are prominently featured at the top of each article.  

When you’re as big of a fashion powerhouse as Vogue, who cares about your web platform? The truth is, all brands have to leverage an online presence to stay competitive. With textured images and bold videos set against their signature monochromatic aesthetic, Vogue is able to translate their print media legacy into a dynamic website.

Vogue is a minimal website design in the Arts & Recreation and Fashion & Beauty industries.