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A Clean And Organized Layout Makes It Easy For CISOs To Navigate The Site

The CISO Collective is a comprehensive platform powered by Fortinet, a cybersecurity leader. The website accumulates content from hundreds of reputable publications and populates site with professional content.

Chief information security officers (CISOs) across the globe can then use this platform as a resource for learning and growth. From gaining insights into the market to learning new skills, these articles and videos are informative and knowledgeable.

To host such insightful content, the CISO Collective team looked to web design company Robosoft Technologies to create a fully-functioning platform to make it easier for professionals to get their hands on this valuable content.

The result was a robust platform that provides quick and easy access to content from all edges of the planet.

(What's more? Both the desktop website and mobile app receive rave reviews from customers -- just ask Apple iTunes and Google Play.)

The CISO Collective site is clean and organized. Landing on the homepage, you're welcomed with a very simple and streamlined interface. Articles are very clearly oriented and displayed. The menu bar also makes the separate content sections of the site very clear.

A serene-looking white and blue color scheme soothes the user as they continue on their journey. Sans-serif, simple typography makes it easy for users to pinpoint specific areas of the site. Calls to action provide users with the necessary information they need to make a decision.

Articles are displayed using an image and a strong headline. A clear tab also tells people about the genre of the content which simplifies the process even further.

Busy chief information security officers don’t have time to waste. They don’t want to spend time learning how to navigate a site. They want it to be easy, succinct and efficient -- and the CISO Collective site makes that a reality.

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CISO Collective Clean Web Design

The Purposeful Mix Of Visual And Textual Content Balances The CISO Collective Website Design Beautifully

The content on the CISO Collective site ranges from comprehensive articles to informative videos. This clever mix of visual and textual content works to break up the content and provide users with a breather.

Similarly, the organization of these articles relies heavily on images. These header images live on the articles themselves and on the category pages, which creates a more visually-pleasing platform. Plus, it gives insights into what the article is about right off the bat.

This site isn't solely dedicated to articles. That is a nice break for users looking to absorb all kinds of content. In today’s digital age, not all of the most important content comes in text form.

So the integration of video makes for an even more pleasing user experience, leading users more fluidly on their user journey.

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CISO Collective Best Web Design

The CISO Collective's Website Uses Clever Integrations To Make It Easy For Users To Absorb Content & Solidify Leads

Robosoft Technologies, the agency behind this site’s creation, infused some pretty impactful integrations into the CISO Collective website to help both consumers and businesses.

On the consumer side, Curata Integration gathers the right content for the right audiences and populates the site with it. The platform automatically finds, curates and shares high-value content with the community. Users are subsequently able to quickly and easily read and share those articles. 

In addition, the Curata integration uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to continually discover the content users like the most. That makes the content discover phrase even more effective. It is an innovative, insightful and essential feature of this website.

This is what the entire platform is based on — informative content. It provides users with the right tools and resources to further develop their skills and learn more about themselves and their industry.

Not only that, but it takes the guesswork out of finding reliable articles and new sources. This software integration makes the process simple. And it puts users in direct content with the content that makes a difference.

Similarly, an Oracle Eloqua integration helps the brand itself. This B2B software integration encourages users to become leads. This then encourages them to the conversion stage.

In addition, Eloqua powers the email subscription management. Visitors who wish to signup up simply input their country and email address at the bottom of any page. Users can also easily manage their email subscription preferences. 

Eloqua a form of CRM software that helps to establish more fluid and engaging connections between consumer and brand, which is imperative for business success.

CISO Collective Winning Web Design

A Simple CMS Makes It Easy To Manage The CISO Collective Website From The Backend

Another helpful backend feature that makes this website one of the best is the easy-to-navigate CMS.

The content management system is easy for authorized users to access. It also makes it easy to organize and situate content how you’d like it.

For websites that deal heavily with content, finding the right setup and organization can be tough.

But this clever and streamlined WordPress-based CMS makes it simple for content managers and others to play with the platform and make necessary adjustments based on user behaviors and other analytics.

Content is stored in widgets that are easy to maneuver and rearrange. This ensures that only the best, most relevant content is displayed on the front-end. 

Brands, just like consumers, want ease. They don’t want it to be a process to learn how to use a CMS to manage their site. But the professionals that created this platform planned ahead and made the whole process simple and efficient.

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CISO Collective Informative Web Design

What Is The CISO Collective?

CISO Collective is an online information destination for chief information security officers. It’s both an online platform and a digital application that connects these professionals with valuable, knowledgeable content.

This content helps them further understand the technical landscape. It helps strengthen their skills and provides them with continued learning opportunities.

Here’s a bit about the website according to the brand:

Brought to the CISO community by Fortinet, an industry leader in network and content security, The CISO Collective curates content from hundreds of online publishers. The content is organized in categories that are top of mind for CISOs as they navigate strategies to drive business growth while protecting business data. Additionally, The CISO Collective editors provide commentary on the most topical articles curated as well as write and publish content to help fill gaps of information other online media outlets may not cover sufficiently. The result is an incredible tool for CISOs and other security leaders to get the information they need as efficiently as possible.

This robust website is an essential resource for a world of professionals that live and work in a bustling and innovative society. CISO Collective is a platform that curates the best content for the sharpest minds.

But in order to give off that authority, the CISO Collective site needed a website that was equally sharp and substantial from a technical point of view. It needed to have a strong foundation and an authoritative layout in order to engage and interact effectively.

CISO Collective Screen Web Design

And it does so with the help of design agency Robosoft Technologies.

According to agency Robosoft Technologies:

Our Technical Architect led the effort to create a cross-platform architecture. The app development included UI development, mobile backend development and integration with server via REST APIs. The mobile apps were developed using React Native/JS technology with MVC architecture. News and Resource details were rendered on a web view in the mobile app. The responsive website was developed using React JS. The re-designed website and mobile apps had a contemporary look & feel. The native apps had dynamic scrolling, resized graphics, and other features optimized for mobile performance. Provisions were also made for customers to connect with the team at Fortinet easily. The mobile apps have received great feedback from users, with the reviews overwhelmingly positive in the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores. The overall solution for the platform dovetails into the brand’s business objectives of brand advocacy and revenue growth.

This content hub works as a one-stop shop for CISOs across the globe. It’s an effective platform with a clear purpose. Part of what makes this platform so successful is its technical design and makeup.

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CISO Collective Bold Web Design

The CISO Collective Web Design's Robust Digital Power

The CISO Collective digital destination truly is a destination — it’s the perfect platform and application for business professionals and CISOs across the world. It provides a place of knowledge and growth.

CISO Collective makes it easier for these professionals to absorb the information that is at the cusp of creativity and innovation in their fields.

This website is very strong and bold. It’s an innovative digital platform that produces content for fluid absorption.

Each landing page is clear and concise. Articles are poignant and elegantly organized. Navigation is simple and serene.

This site truly makes it easy for users to go from section to section and article to article with ease and satisfaction.

But the technical foundation of this site is equally impactful.

From customized software integrations to lead generation features to a clear CMS and subscription system — this site was created for ease and robust usage.

If you’re a CISO looking for a platform that can answer all of your questions — and then some — then the CISO Collective site is the destination for you. It’s clean. It’s robust. It’s comprehensive. And it is extremely user-friendly.

If you’re a publisher or a brand looking to publish digital content, this layout and structure are also a winning template. It makes it easy for your audience and easy for content managers.

This is a website that drives results.

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