Goolets Web Design

Standout features:

  • Asymmetrical layout
  • Animated content loading
  • Restrained palette to let photos provide color

Goolets is a yacht charter service with offices in the US, UK, Singapore, and Australia. Their website is the creation of ENKI, a digital agency from Ljubljana, Slovenia.

A sumptuous photo of a yacht against the ultramarine sea and classy white serif typeface begins the visitor’s experience and takes off to a whole new level once they scroll.

The opening screen slides up and new content appears, separated into asymmetrical boxes. This effect repeats for each subsequent scroll as the visitor advances in their buyer journey.

After scrolling through a well-crafted presentation of the company’s services and benefits, the user journey ends with a page containing a neatly presented list of yachts for rent.

The colorful photos are enough to lend the website its appeal, so the color palette is very restrained and uses only white and navy blue.

The two-level main menu navigation consists of four items only, including a prominent CTA for yacht rental.

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