Magic Of Lapland Beautiful Homepage

Magic of Lapland is a tourism site that is keen on advertising and showcasing the amenities, activities, and lodgings of the winter vacation community, Lapland. Lapland is a destination for winter sports, nature exploration, and family bonding. Their website has been meticulously designed to reinforce the worth of a trip to Lapland by creating a rustic sense of home and joy.

The aptly named home page features the image of a warmly lit log cabin with supple snow gathering around its base and atop its roof. Such a feeling of warmth, in contrast with the clearly frigid snow, creates a sense of welcoming while drawing users to the glow of the cabin. It says that Lapland is a home away from home where you can enjoy the specific experiences of winter, with the comfort of high-end amenities. The light draws users to Lapland like moths to a flame, and it develops the community’s brand as rustic charm met with comforting warmth and hospitality.

Magic Of Lapland Beautiful Gallery Page

Magic of Lapland’s gallery page features slim photos of the various activities and amenities available to Lapland visitors. The photos exist in suspension, and they feature images of non-descript activities and families enjoying their time in the winter wonderland. The UI is reminiscent of a family photo album, continuing the site’s aesthetic of warmth and homeliness. Users can visualize themselves and their families enjoying Lapland’s host of winter adventures. Additionally, the gallery page helps users visualize themselves going over a photo album of their trip, creating a UX that paints Lapland as an adventure to last a lifetime in the memories of your family.

Magic Of Lapland Beautiful Website Design

Lastly, Magic of Lapland’s “About” page has been designed to evoke an idyllic photo album. The base of the image has been faded and frayed so as to appear like it's been placed on a piece of stationery. It evokes a rustic and homemade feel that continues to invite users and their families to visit the utopic, winter oasis, Lapland. The aesthetic is fully realized in every cranny of the site, and it effectively creates a UX that endears families to Lapland as a place for fun and memory-making.

Magic of Lapland is a beautiful website design in the Travel and Sports & Leisure industries.