Jannata Home Page Website Design

Jannata’s Resort Site Adds A Tranquility To Your Next Bali Vacation

Jannata Resort And Spa is a boutique resort in Bali. It’s located in the village of Sebali and is beautifully immersed in the rural environment that the country has to offer. It’s rich in history, culture, and nature which entices and amazes.

The Jannata resort came into being in 2014 but was officially opened to the public in 2015.

It was created in the hopes of connecting travelers with an authentic Bali experience, right in the jungle heart of the destination. They pulled from the natural, tropical elements to create a resort that was serene, exciting and ethereal.

This resort is connected with the culture and history that surrounds it, and it does everything possible to ensure that guests get the same authentic and inspiring experience that they are proud to hold as their own.

The Jannata Resort And Spa experience is unlike any other, and it goes above and beyond by creating a community within its walls that is similar to that outside of them. This resort has a spirit and a culture that it cultivates, and they are proud to show it off to all who are willing to experience it.

To match this dynamic, inspiring and authentic experience in person, the brand knew they needed a website that captured that essence in a tranquil and sophisticated way. The resulting design is a work of art.

From its stunning use of photography to its color palette and layout, this website is a dream in and of itself.

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Jannata Home Page Website Design

The Jannata Website Soothes Visitors With Simple Navigation And A Streamlined User Journey

The user experience within the Jannata website is stunning and simple. And this is due, in part, to the clean and concise layout of the website, as well as its intuitive and clear menu options and accessibility.

Landing on the webpage immerses you immediately into the world of rural Bali thanks to the stunning imagery, and the clean white space and bold typography usher you to scroll along to learn more about this mesmerizing destination.

The cleanliness and sophistication that comes with the creative layout, and playful orientation lead users on a journey without giving them the option to turn back. The imagery, information, and illustrations simple won’t let them.

The easily accessible menu bar also helps users along their journey.

The menu bar is sleek, modern and minimal — sitting as a tiny illustration on the right side of the screen. Clicking it causes the menu tab to slide in from the right, offering clear and distinct options to learn more. Typography is bright, clean and creative with a crafty serif font and dazzling ampersands to pull you in and heighten the elegance of the design.

And rolling over these options gives users a peek into what they could learn, semi-transparent images popping up behind the text to add depth and elegance — calling once again to the culture and heritage of the jungle around the resort.

Similarly, users can book right from the homepage or any page they’re on thanks to the “Book Now” icon that sits right underneath the menu icon. This streamlines the process and makes the buyer’s journey simple and efficient.

Jannata Menu Website Design

Jannata’s Online Platform Uses Dynamic Movement And Interactive Elements

The Jannata Resort And Spa website is visually driven, with header images that dazzle and amaze as they slide in and out.

There’s a clear layer of interactivity right off the bat as well — rolling your mouse over these images causes them to move and sway in a delicate and dynamic way.

Scrolling leads to more exciting and visually driven elements — with images and mismatched-shaped text boxes floating in and gliding along the screen, in a similar fashion to how users flow through the site.

The monochromatic color scheme adds a refined and sophisticated element to the design.

Subtle nature imagery is embedded in the background giving off a natural and organic vibe to further emphasize this jungle resort as well.

This design is bright, airy and clean. It’s bold, moving and creative. Booking a future vacation is definitely on your list after perusing.

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Jannata Checkout Website Design

Jannata’s Website Utilizes An Easy-To-Use Interface To Make Your Next Indonesian Vacation A Reality

The Jannata website is a dreamy, breezy paradise.

From the bold images that make up the design to the modern and playful layout, this website looks the part and entices you to book your next trip just on the look of it alone.

But digging deeper, you realize how streamlined and serene the entire website is.

Navigating from landing page to landing page is airy and effortless. A simple and clear menu bar slides in and is always visible to guide you along your journey. And a helpful “Book Now” bar is also apparent at every step of the way. Whether it takes you five minutes to decide, or 45, the simplicity of its layout and navigation makes your next decision an easy one.

There’s also the creativity involved with this site that can’t be ignored — from the modern, monochromatic color scheme that exudes luxury, to the subtle illustrations that add depth and lulls you further into paradise, the creators of the website knew what they were doing.

Even looking at their “About” page is mesmerizing, made up of a dynamic timeline that leads you down a path of no return — in the best possible way.

Images move, scrolling effects inform and enlighten — there’s an active quality to this site that can’t be ignored, and lulls you further along in your journey.

Bali is an exciting vacation destination, but this site elevates the enthusiasm with its modern, creative and tranquil elements that urge you to book your next stay.

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