Wild Renfrew Great Homepage

Wild Renfrew is a website designed around the travel and adventure aspect of their location. Where many vacation sites focus only on the lodgings, this site has a wealth of activity to offer travelers instead.

To begin with, the incredibly bold colors of the Wild Renfrew landing page are enough to make you want a vacation immediately. Considering the location of this great getaway, the colors certainly make sense and they blend perfectly with the photographs included on the page.

The UI of the site is an absolute dream, as finding your way around leads you on an interesting journey through information, images, and call to action links and buttons that simply draw you into yet another rabbit hole of wonder.

The selection of photographs used throughout the page draws your attention to the many possibilities that exist in a vacation to this location, which is precisely what both the company and the potential visitors want.

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Wild Renfrew Great Products Page

The product pages keep in line with the highly visual design, offering views into the rooms and quick listings of what each room offers. The selection of photographs is excellent throughout the page, with a lovely image on each product page that helps to create the image of fun and adventure.

A footer menu allows guests to transition from page to page easily and quickly, while minimal text under each accommodation option leads them to click and read more about the amenities of each.

Wild Renfrew Great About Page

Their About page is exactly what we expect of a successful and thoughtful company site.  With even more gorgeous images of the region to frame the text and bold, colorful headings, users are encouraged to read more about the region and its origins. The images used are so vivid that you feel you could reach out and touch a leaf on a tree, and the layout of the images and information ensures that users gain the most of both.

Overall, the site boasts some very strong and appreciable features. The result is an amazing website design that leaves visitors wanting more information and with the desire to book accommodations immediately.

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