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Ready to hit the wide open road? Ready for a road trip adventure? Now, the pivotal question… do you have the right kind of car insurance to keep you safe wherever you go?

In Touch is a company dedicated to making sure drivers are at their safest when out on the open road. An immersive and fun approach to introducing you to the dangers you can -- and one day will -- come across as drivers, the company creates an interactive game that initiates the moment site visitors land on the homepage.

Drive along the open road with the use of your scroll to move your car and go on an adventure in Sochi, Russia. As you scroll, you will be stopped along the way by a number of dangerous driving situations… anything from a sudden moose on the road to brakes giving out. At each stop, you will be asked the pivotal question… what is the best possible way to react in that given situation?

Multiple-choice questions appear on the screen with three possible answers for each. To move on, all you have to do is answer to continue your adventure. Answer right or wrong; it does not matter. You will get to continue the drive, but In Touch will let you know where you stand on the answer.

The simple game takes on a combination of vector images settled within gray negative space. The road travels throughout the entire page, but the negative space makes the specific stops stick out significantly with their vibrant colors and three-dimensional design.

In Touch Clean Contact Page

Once you finish with your road adventure and make your way safely to Sochi, learn how well you did overall on the driving exam. When all is said and done, explore the option of getting new car insurance with In Touch.

The company makes it easy to do so with a four-page plugin form accessible only after going through the interactive driving game. All you have to do is fill in the information that In Touch needs to calculate a policy to start the process of gaining insurance through the company.

In Touch takes a mundane task -- getting car insurance -- and makes it an enjoyable experience through their quirky illustrations, smart gamification, and interactive web pages, truly making their website a top design. 

In Touch is a playful website design in the Legal & Insurance industry.