CH Hausmann Corporate Website Design

Trust in C.H. Hausmann and Company to take care of all your legal needs. From business law to immigration law, there’s practically nothing they can’t help you with!

To make things super simple for you, C.H. Hausmann put together a one-page site where everything is at your fingertips with just the scroll of your mouse.

A high contrast photograph is the first thing you see as you enter the website, showcasing two of the firm’s partners in a prestigious setting. It immediately sets the air for the class and formality the company adds to everything they do.

Rich navy blue is the chosen accent color to the beige utilized on the entirety of the page. Look just a little bit closer at the beige background and you’ll realize it’s textured to look like parchment paper.

The choice gives a timeless feel to everything you read, making you feel like you’re reading straight off of legal paper even though it’s really just the internet you’re looking at.

Active photographs show off members of the firm at work, doing what they do best in their environment. The site employs them as a way to break up segments of information down the page. However, these photographs are a great way for you to familiarize the company.

Each of the breaker photographs gives you a strong insight into the company and its policies as one of the partners offer up a narrative scrawled over the photograph in a sheer black text box. It draws your attention without taking away from the impact of the photographs.

While the site may be one page, C.H. Hausmann understands you may have a destination in mind when you drop in.

Therefore, they attach a menu to the header of the page. The beautiful blue bar comes equipped with the company name as well. Segment titles are listed out in bold font so you can read them easily. As you scroll through the page, the menu moves with you. It makes for simple navigation across the site. No matter where you end up, you’re in control of quickly going to another segment.

As legal representatives, professional presentation is everything. C.H. Hausmann creates a highly professional and clean design within a single page through the use of organization and repetition. Dynamic imagery gives users an insight into the experience while assisting in breaking up the page and readily accessible navigation puts control entirely in the hands of the user.

CH Hausmann is a corporate website design in the Legal & Insurance and Professional Services industries.

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