SOS Global Professional Website Design

Looking for the the right distribution company to take care of all your freight needs? Then, look no further! Trust in SOS Global for your air, water, or road transportation needs.

They’ve got what you need and they know. SOS Global brings you a minimalistic one page site for everything you want to know about their company.

Organization is key for this approach in order to assure your ability to understand what’s being given to you. Accomplishing this through useful navigation tools, the company lines each section of the page along the very top of your screen. The titles are easy to read in black, all capital lettering that directly contrasts the white of the background.

The menu serves a dual purpose by allowing you the chance to click on a section and be directed to it or by lighting up a section title in red as you scroll through it. It’s extremely helpful for you as you take in everything the company has put together for you.

The picture frame effect is not the only one the page uses to keep things lively. When you hit the company’s services section, SOS Global creates a borderless grid that showcases the various kinds of clients they work with. Slide your mouse over any of the listed industries to reveal a stunning and descriptive photograph. It creates reprieve on the page, giving you something to toy around with before you continue onward!

Adding to the navigation tools employed by SOS Global, the page guides you down the page with an iconic set off arrows. These color scheme coordinated arrows prove to be a useful tool in helping to visually separate each segment from the next. It’s a playful way to help you get through the website.

Imagery plays a dynamic part in the overall appearance of SOS Global’s website. As you scroll, images become apparent behind the white background as it uses a cut-out effect to create a frame. While you scroll, the frame moves up and over the image as it remains stationary. It’s a creative and dynamic way to introduce bright colors to the simplistic scheme while also giving you a brief insight as to a bit of what partnering with SOS Global looks like.

SOS Global is here to make things easy for you… in both the transportation world as well as the online world. This is a brilliant use of a single page site that relies on organization for easy navigation and playful effects to build a dynamic user experience.

SOS Global is a professional website design in the Distribution industry.

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