Kearny Point Corporate Homepage

Take the chance on your business to let it grow without limits. Your business is worth it, and Keary Point knows that.

Kearny Point is a shared office space establishment in New Jersey where start-ups, individuals, and veteran companies can rent out a space among other businesses. The dynamic combination of crisp, high-resolution photographs with faded solid coloring creates a unique atmosphere for their website, not unlike that of the office space itself. Narrow sans serif font in all capitalized lettering pops off the page.

Kearny Point Corporate Website Design

Left-aligned on the page, Kearny Point places the name of their office spaces in vibrant green against the white header. Beside the company’s name, a simple header menu in black allows users to easily navigate throughout the website. To keep track of where users are, page titles are illuminated in pale gray when selected.

Within the “About” section of Kearny Point’s website, the company utilizes an organized table to showcase the many perks of joining them. In place of bullet points, the website employs bright icons in solid orange to draw attention to each individual point being made. Creatively, the icons are designed to coordinate with each message. The flat coloring stands out vividly against the white negative space.

Kearny Point Corporate Website Design

In addition to the basic header menu, Kearny Point utilizes a secondary and more extensive footer menu, where potential clients are able to access a number of directly downloadable resources. The footer uses white negative space in combination with gray and black fonts to maintain a simple appearance.

Kearny Point Corporate Contact Page

Green is Kearny Point’s company color, so the website uses it extensively on their contact page. The plugin form utilizes white text boxes and a bold white font over a vibrantly bright green negative space. Users can access the contact box on any page of the website with a button in the upper right hand corner.

Join in the shared community experience that Kearny Point has to offer by diving into the high-resolution photographs and vibrant colors. The energetic combination entices users and makes Kearny Point an inviting location to visit.

Kearny Point is a corporate website design in the Real Estate industry.