8X on the Park Elegant Homepage

8X on the Park is a bold architectural statement. 35 stories of stunning sustainable design elevated above Emery Barnes Park in the heart of Vancouver. Defined by gravity-defying architecture and its prime location in Vancouver’s downtown core, 8X is Yaletown’s soon-to-be landmark building, attracting buyers from around the globe. 

The goal is set out to create a state-of-the-art website that captures the scale and gravity of this major project and its international market. Like its architectural counterpart, the site design pushes the envelope, featuring a responsive, full-screen vertical layout. The logo concept, the modern typefaces, and the outlined diamond harlequin pattern are all the extended application from the distinguished style of the architecture. These identical elements form a strong visual impression.Check out architecture website design examples here. The simple yet bold color theme is designed to balance out the images and the texts; meanwhile, to make information easy to comprehend, and let the imageries of the architecture to shine. Besides highly visual, the website revolves around larger-than-life renderings and grand headlines, seamlessly integrating video and image galleries, while the extendable sided navigation guides users to explore different aspects of the building. 

8X on the Park Elegant About Page

The amenities map is a great marketing tool, in addition to “Gallery” and “Views”. The map is a dynamic mix of local haunts and convenient amenities, the best demo to its advertisement — steps from the best of the city; over 150 unique places to stop and enjoy within 200 steps. The call-to-actions to contact/register, or explore deeper are unmissable. Overall, the site serves as an important promotional role, the beautiful design approach could grab viewers’ attention, and the friendly user environment encourages user engagement. 

8X on the Park is an elegant website design in the Architecture and Real Estate industries.