KFC Elegant Homepage

Did you know one popular internet conspiracy theory holds that Kentucky Fried Chicken was actually founded by Soviet politician Leon Trotsky? The KFC website doesn’t exactly mention this fact, but they do pull the user in with just as much irreverence and internet humor.

The KFC website features some interesting design features. Deep scroll layouts are a trendy design element, but with a characteristically unique flare, KFC’s home page doesn’t scroll up or down at all. The movement on the page comes from a slider that hosts static images as well as campaign videos. The user is also able to scroll through a horizontal header at the top that lists all of KFC’s menu items.

A menu icon on the left-hand side of the red header causes two different menus to appear, one emerging from the top of the screen and one from the bottom. This less common design feature instantly captures the attention of the user. The red and black font contrasts with the white negative space, creating a bold color scheme that reflects the colors of KFC’s marketing. The sans serif typeface with open apertures is simple, fun and legible.

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KFC Elegant Website Design 

Clicking one of the menu items in the header results in a full-screen landing page for the item dropping down. On the landing pages, black and white photography combined with rustic imagery reminds the user of the long heritage of the brand, enhancing brand credibility. The rustic imagery also serves to evoke the idea that KFC serves up homestyle cooking. 

Each landing page hosts nutrition information, contributing value to the user experience. A red button beneath the nutrition information leads to a nutrition calculator, an interactive and useful element that engages the user.

KFC is one of the most iconic names in fast food. Internationally recognizable for their bold color scheme and equally bold flavors, KFC’s website designers were able to capture all this and more.

KFC is an elegant website design in the Food & Beverage industry.

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