Villa Yambol Beautiful Homepage

Fine wines. Evocative of leisure, luxury, and stunning landscapes. Villa Yambol, a purveyor of Bulgarian fine wines, captures these images in their clean, deep scroll web platform.

Landing on the Villa Yambol web page, the user will meet a fullscreen video featuring scenes of Villa Yambol’s vineyard. As the user gets pulled into the striking scenery, the Villa Yambol logo is superimposed on top of the video. The charming illustration still manages to draw the attention of the user, despite the movement of the video.

Counterbalancing the movement, an animation at the bottom of the screen encourages the user to scroll on.

Villa Yambol Beautiful Product Page

Throughout the page, the animated dots encouraging the user to scroll on, reappear on the segments with videos in order to counterbalance the movement. The animation does not appear on static pages, conveying purposeful UX design.

The same green imagery and nature scenes reappear throughout the page, reminding the user of the natural origins of the product. One video highlights the labor intensive process of making wine, invoking a sense of luxury.

Villa Yambol Beautiful About Page

White copy encourages the user to read about the history of the brand. Clicking the “Our Legacy” button on the homepage leads to a deep scroll timeline. Large photographs highlight Villa Yambol’s legacy, evoking confidence in the brand. Maps on the page add texture, while a user responsive navigation bar to the left of the screen adds movement. It also allows the user to easily move to a chosen section of the timeline.

Villa Yambol Beautiful Gallery Page

Product pages utilize the same combination of illustrations and high resolution images as the home page. Titles appear in an elegant, yet playful serifed typeface. A thoughtful combination of illustrations, pictures, and copywriting convey all necessary information about the product.

Villa Yambol is exposing the world to the delights of Bulgarian wine. If the excellence of their web design says anything about their wine expertise, this is a brand you’ll have to try.

Villa Yambol is a beautiful website design in the Food & Beverage and Luxury industries.