Komala Vilas Web Design

Standout features:

  • Sticky navigation menu
  • Motion effect elements
  • Plenty of negative space

Komala Vilas is an authentic Indian vegetarian restaurant. Their website, courtesy of Blue Hive Asia, communicates the rich history and tradition of this culinary establishment while keeping its feet firmly grounded in the present and the best practices of today.

A distinctive, light yellow, dark red, dark green palette sets the tone for the homepage which is very easy on the eye, starts off with exploring the restaurant's past and offerings and concludes with sumptuous images of food and the brand's Instagram feed.

Slight motion graphics and animated elements provide the curious factor to the website which also features a very convenient, sticky navigation bar for the browsing pleasure of the user.

CTAs use solid visual tricks to stand out against the rest of the content. The images have enough of breathing space to truly pop off the screen and grab the imagination of the visitor.

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