LeCrans Hotel & Spa Website Design

Standout features:

  • Soothing, dynamic background
  • Inviting photos of Alpine scenery
  • Natural color palette

LeCrans Hotel & Spa is a safe space in the Alps. It’s a haven of exceptional stay, dining, and wellness experiences designed to let guests relax and forget their problems. EWM took this picture and repainted it through their beautiful website design for LeCrans.

The homepage greets visitors with a dynamic background that showcases the hidden pearls of the Alps, alluring you to make a reservation and enjoy the moment. Spread across the slideshow lies a therapeutic message: “Your Mountain Home.”

As you scroll down, you’ll find a snow-white space with a clean single-line horizontal separator right in the middle of the screen. Both sides are decorated with high-quality, real-life photography of the attractive scenery depicting the great European mountain, each accompanied by a brief copy.

Further below, you’ll encounter a discovery section and a majestic video of the woods on a pine-green background. The website has a stunning color story. It emanates the same feeling you can expect once you’re there in person, making it a lovely stroll on your browser.

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