Lovethesales Website Design

Lovethesales Website Opts for Modern and Minimal Design Trends

Simply put, Love the Sales is a leading, London-based eCommerce marketplace that helps customers find the best deals on the web. They partner with more than 850 retailers across verticals, using advanced AI solutions to help them sell overstock faster than the “speed of fashion.”

The company’s previous website and brand image seemed to have trotted behind its lightning-speed service, so Love the Sales approached Orizon to refurbish its “engines” to keep up the pace and elevate its brand potential further – starting with Lovethesales website design!

Orizon made a streamlined masterpiece, a uniform visual identity that doesn’t dilute customer trust and offers a delightful online experience. The powerhouse of eCommerce innovation got a revamped, minimal, sleek and stunning website, made up of a monochromatic color palette of blacks, whites and on-brand viridian green. This allows for the simple text and bold imagery to quite literally pop from each page.

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Consistent branding

The New Branding, Color Scheme and Rich Imagery Pull Users into the Website and Lead Them on Their Shopping Journey

As mentioned, Orizon revamped Love the Sales’ identity with streamlined brand guidelines, consistent assets and a memorable logo that reflects their value proposition in a modern light.

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Since the new website seems as if it directly spawned out of the new logo design, customers immediately fell in love with the new look, or as Orizon would say: “Nearly as much as they love, well, the Sales!”

Without “trying too hard,” the resulting website is engaging. Its content and messaging are unique, candid and powerfully emphasized. But the overall aesthetic and simplistic design theme can be seen primarily through imagery, color and streamlined layout.

As soon as you land, you’re welcomed with an energetic design and a clear-cut choice: “Shop women” and “Shop men.” The brand’s signature green hue depends on background accents and CTAs, adding depth and excitement. It emanates a tranquil feeling while simultaneously creating a sense of purchasing urgency thanks to its vigorous nature – it cannot be ignored.

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Intuitive navigation

Lovethesales’ Intuitive Navigation Is Elevated with Clear CTAs, Extensive Menu Options and Streamlined Checkout Flow

Ever the long-term thinkers, the shareholders wanted to increase sign-ups and delight customers into coming back and shopping more often. To achieve this, Orizon seasoned the previous experience with the best and latest in eCommerce behavioral psychology, eliminating every source of frustration while building trust and facilitating decision-making at every step.

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Primarily, to avoid the dreaded checkout drop-off rate, the agency leveraged best-in-class design patterns, conversion rate optimization techniques and persuasion science to incentivize people to complete their purchases with minimal friction and mental workload required. How?

Navigation across Lovethesales' website is seamless. The combination of minimal design and substantial menu options ensures consumers know where they are, where they’re aiming to “go,” explore different product options and eventually buy.

The clear and minimal menu bar makes navigating this website simple, removing unwanted and unnecessary content in favor of a product-focused search. Essentially, Lovethesales' website design takes all the guesswork out of finding your next, best-fitting piece. It’s a simple design with a straightforward layout that creates a seamless and pleasing user experience.

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