Tinker Elegant Homepage

Tinker is a watch manufacturer and store where users can customize and create the perfect watch for themselves. In all ways, the website focuses on this customization and personal value. For example, Tinker’s home page features an image of a workspace and a disassembled watch. It immediately forces users to consider the creative process behind watchmaking. It evokes a sense of crafted style and utility, allowing users to believe that any desire is achievable.

Customers can make any watch they can imagine into a reality, and Tinker is the company who will make it happen. Their home page establishes Tinker as a company comprised of watchmaking gurus who are talented and client-focused. The designer has developed a page that visualizes the company's prized customisation and craftsmanship in every way.

Tinker Minimal Product Page

Tinker’s product page includes a useful interactive feature that allows users to build custom watches online. Potential buyers can trade out straps, bodies, and styles to create their ideal watch. This customization, combined with the shopping interface, forever pairs the two in the mind of each user. This means that they will immediately associate Tinker’s watches with customization and customer service. The designer has created an interactive UX that instills the values of Tinker’s brand and the power of their process into every user that engages with their interface.

Tinker Elegant Website Design

Here, users view an extension of the site’s “About” section, focusing on the quality and value instilled in every product Tinker makes. They marry their brand qualities of craft and customization with the phrase, “Built by us, customized by you.” This little sliver of the “About” page effectively communicates the brand of the company, and it demonstrates how designers can build informative pages that aren't just literal, but also evocative. The two-fold informational approach will provide the most complete idea possible of what the brand is entirely about.

Tinker Watches is a best website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Fashion & Beauty industries.