Matt Morris Wines Clean Homepage

Matt Morris Wines is a high-end winery that sells elegance and style in the form of their product. Customers crave the idea behind the wine just as much as they actually want to drink it. It’s not just a wine they're selling, it’s an aesthetic for your life and an emblem of your refinement.

The idyllic home page depicts a beautiful pair of grapes, freshly picked from the vine, resting softly in a set of masculine hands. This conveys a sense of comfort, history, and powerful elegance. It appears as if the grapes are being presented as a prize or a newborn child. The italic, classic font accents the image well by continuing to amplify the prestige of the page. The designer has subtly curated an experience of elegance, manifested completely and immersively with just a bit of text and a single image.

Matt Morris Wines Clean About Page

Matt Morris Wine’s “About” page explores the history of the winery, and it asserts the passion that goes into every ounce. The bottle is dramatically lit, giving it a baroque power. Just like the home page, the wine product is foregrounded in an almost worship-like way. The eye is immediately drawn to the bottle, and the accompanying text only serves to further solidify its ancient significance. The website’s designer continues to make very subtle decisions that accent the impact certain items have again and again.

Matt Morris Wines Clean About Page

Further down the “About” page, a simulated old photograph of the man himself, Matt Morris, is featured. The photo depicts him arriving at what would become his winery. The distressed aesthetic of the photo and the rustic evocations of its content synergize to create a truly historic-appearing photograph. This furthers the mythology of the winery and the old world power of the site’s aesthetic. The full-bodied grapes, dramatically lit wine bottle, and rustic photograph all combine to create the specific brand of ancient power ascribed by the winery.

Matt Morris Wines is a clean website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Food & Beverage industries.