Mike Dekker Best Website Design Portfolio

In need of someone to create a splendid, you-oriented website design that wows and impresses its visitors? Then Mike Dekker is your guy. Highly talented with an eye for design, he’s sure to exceed your expectations.

The imagery you’re greeted by is of Dekker himself holding a Hawaiian plant while wearing a matching shirt. It’s quirky and full of personality. The shades of gray create a depth to the page, only amplified by a slow moving effect, which pulls the image closer to you and then pushes it back once again. It’s a subtle process and barely noticeable, but makes for an impressive “popping off the page” impression.

So what is it exactly that Mike Dekker can do for you? Scroll down the homepage and find out. Combining a number of effects into one dynamic display, the site brings on an entirely new experience for learning about products and services offered. Bold lettering against a pale gray backdrop informs your navigation. A little bit of spice is added from the floating spheres of blue and black around the header. Again, it’s a slow movement, but quirky nonetheless.

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As you dive into learning about products and services, the page is broken down into two halves. This is where things get interesting! The left side of the page reads as you’re used to, presenting in a simple column made up of black and white imagery with newspaper-formatted paragraphs.

To the right, however, the column of writing appears as you scroll. The further down you scroll, the more information you reveal! It’s an enticing way to keep you reading -- and a visually stimulating effect, too.

Make sure you watch out for the accents of blue on the page! These dashes of color pop off your screen and draw your attention to vital words and phrases. Dekker’s choice in color creates an electric contrast to the gray scale of the page, guaranteeing you won’t miss a thing! It’s a discreet yet effective way for him to force your gaze, shedding light on vital pieces of information.

“Keep it simple and let the message speak volumes” is the approach Mike Dekker takes with his “About” section. Enlarged, bold, and underlined words take up the entirety of the page, putting together a small message that’s super easy to read. They are set against a sepia-toned photograph. The photograph ties the entire section together as you realize it’s a photograph of the designer creating, a simple and visual way to showcase who he is as a person.

Following the same idea, Dekker’s portfolio takes the idea that “a picture can speak a thousand words” to a new level. Loaded with black, white, and gray sample imagery, you’re given an inside look at the workings of each project he’s created. Dekker offers an in-depth explanation of each item in the portfolio. Plus, simple navigation ensures users receive an innovative understanding of his work.

Mike Dekker keeps his website design a combination of simple and exciting through a combination of basic imagery and creative effects that draw users in.

Mike Dekker is a unique website design in the Technology and Professional Services industries. 

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