DBF Amazing Homepage

DBF is a company that manages brand communities, rallying them around your cause and endearing them to your message. They provide an invaluable service to businesses, maintaining and directing the users they have, while increasing their outreach to obtain even more.

The approach focuses on instilling loyalty and utilizing a macro approach to community management. They take a large scale look at a community and decide how best to handle them.

This allows them to fully understand the scope and nuance of a community before attempting to manage them. The design of this home page reflects this omniscient community perspective with an aerial image of a bustling concourse.

The UI is angular and rigid, with a lot of straight lines, evoking control. This entry masse imagery and angular imterface speaks to the expansive control DBF maintains over its consumers.

DBF Amazing About Page

This About page details some of the specific values and tools that the company uses to manage communities. Each panel features its own color and image of a communal space. It implies that while DBF can provide a powerful omniscient perspective on Community Management, they do also understand the individual articulations that every member of the community needs. By segmenting these panels into individual panels with unique designs and interior images, this designer is expressing the control and understanding the company brings to their managing style.

DBF Amazing Website Design

This page again features a series of angular graphic overlays accompanied by an image of a communal activity. This not only reitirelates the spanning control of the company but also pushes forward to explain that they are a professional community who understand communities from their own experience.

The phrase “We are DBF” evokes a community to the company itself and further instills the idea of community into their brand. This designer has created a very complete exploration of the notion of community with three very simply designed pages.

DBF is an amazing website design in the Professional Services industry.