Myriad Clean Homepage

Want complete control of the way your office space looks? Want to create huddles of chairs to inspire out-of-the-box thinking among your employees? Looking to try something different and create an unforgettable place to work, but having trouble finding the right furniture to do so? Well, look no further. Myriad’s got you covered.

Myriad is a one-of-a-kind furniture stop looking to cater to the growing need for flexibility in an office space. The furniture company prides itself in creating a diverse amount of furniture that can be configured to the need of the office, rather than being stuck with what you can find.

To present their products to consumers, Myriad uses a clean and simple website design. Negative white space comprises the background, and furniture options with their corresponding descriptive blurbs fly in from the edges of the screen as users scroll down the landing page. The color scheme of the website features shades of red, brown, blue, and gray, which perfectly match the fabric of their available products.

Myriad Clean Product Page

Curious to see this dynamic and fluid system in working order? Users can scroll to the bottom of the landing page for a detailed video created by Myriad for consumers interested in purchasing any part of their system. The video explains what Myriad is and how Myriad products can be a benefit to offices everywhere. With stop and rewind features, consumers are able to really delve into the explanation of Myriad’s furniture.

Myriad Clean Product Page

Interested in knowing more? Myriad offers two options for learning, both of which are accessible through the side menu. If interested, consumers can reach out directly to Myriad through a simple plugin form to start a discussion with customer support about the product, cost, and how to buy.

Alternatively, consumers can access a series of downloadable brochures, images, and videos to help them explore Myriad even more.

The simplistic and minimal style of Myriad’s website design allows their products to stand out at all times. The UI features plenty of helpful features—from downloadable links to an organized menu—ensuring that every user undergoes simple, useful exploration of the website. By choosing a matching color scheme and presenting the furniture in entertaining ways, the UX becomes both exhilarating and informative.

Myriad is a clean website design in the E-commerce & Retail industry.