The Obama Foundation Minimal Website Design

Love him or hate him, the 2008 Obama campaign changed modern political marketing. Now that Obama is out of office, he can focus on maintaining his legacy. In today’s world, that means a special eye for marketing is needed.

In the social media age, the Internet is possibly the most important marketing platform. Providing a way for politicians to convey their message while experimenting with branding, the political website is an art form.

The Obama Foundation website mirrors the same design elements and messages from the Obama campaigns, but with minimalist design, reflecting Obama’s reduced role in the public eye. It opens to a blank white screen. As the user moves the cursor, multi-colored circles appear beneath it. Even as the cursor stands still, the circles move slightly, adding movement and color to the page.

The imagery of the cursor causing colors to appear against the white screen evokes the feeling of painting on a blank canvas. Not only does this reflect Obama’s “blank canvas” now that he is out of office, but the interactive element reminds the user of their own importance in creating change.

In the center of the screen, a video embedded from Youtube appears. The video features Obama explaining his new mission, eliminating the need for copywriting, keeping in line with the minimalist design and remaining more accessible to those who may not read English. Being greeted by Obama’s face also adds a personal touch to the web page.

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The Obama Foundation Minimal About Page

Beneath the video, a gray button asks the user to “Find Out What’s Next.” Clicking the button leads to the Mission page, which echoes the same minimalist design as the home page. A serifed typeface adds an elegant, but readable touch, while brightly colored photography spotlights the foundation’s main programs. Never forgetting the power of social media, just beneath the copywriting, social media buttons appear in an understated gray.

The Obama logo, made famous in the 2008 campaign, appears in black at the top of the navigation bar, reinforcing Obama’s brand identity and long legacy. The Obama Foundation website serves as an interactive platform through which Obama can cement his legacy.

The Obama Foundation is a minimal website design in the Government industry.

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