96 Elephants Beautiful Homepage

96 Elephants is the Wildlife Conservation Society’s online platform to bring an end to the elephant hunt in Africa. In the non-profit world, web design is all too important, but frequently overlooked. Non-profits rely on their website to attract donors and streamline the donation process.

They should also be able to count on their website as a tool to elevate awareness of their mission. With dynamic website design the Wildlife Conservation Society, or WCS, is able to capture the attention of the user and make clear their point.

Bold text spelling out the problem of elephant poaching in bold, red font is the first thing users see when they land on the home page. The sans serif typeface is simple and clear so as not to distract from the mission. The red color serves to instantly attract the eye of the reader, while highlighting the violent nature of animal poaching.

WCS wastes no time before soliciting donations. Buttons encouraging the user to donate appear just below the main text, letting them know that the need is urgent.

The home page uses a mixture of different elements to keep the user engaged. Key points are demonstrated by combining sharp copywriting with simple illustrations. High resolution pictures of elephants create an emotional connection between the user and those majestic creatures. A map in the center of the page adds texture and helps the user to visualize the problem.

96 Elephants Beautiful Website Design

One of the most important elements of a good non-profit website is the “Donate” page. On the 96 Elephants website, a red “Donate” button appears in the header of every page. Clicking this button directs the user to a form. So as not to bore the eye of the user, a static image of an elephant framed in black negative space appears to the left as the user scrolls through the form. At the top of the page, two paragraphs of copywriting make a final sales pitch for why the user should donate.

There are hundreds of causes to give to on the internet, so how does an organization stand out? By portraying striking images of elephants and making donating easy, 96 Elephants can certainly pull you in.

96 Elephants is a beautiful website design in the Government and Non-Profit industries.